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Critical Discourse Analysis

Critical Discourse Analysis

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Ruth Wodak - Lancaster University, UK, University of Lancaster, UK

December 2012 | 1 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Since the late 1980s, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) has become a well-established field in the social sciences. However, in contrast with some branches of linguistics, CDA is not a discrete academic discipline in the traditional sense, with a fixed set of research methods. The manifold roots of CDA lie in a myriad of disciplines including rhetoric, anthropology, philosophy and cognitive science, to name a few. This four-volume set brings together seminal articles on the subject from varied sources, creating an invaluable roadmap for scholars seeking to consolidate their knowledge of CDA, and of its continued development. Sculpted and edited by a leading voice in the field, this work covers the interdisciplinary roots, the most important approaches and methodologies of CDA, as well as applications in other disciplines in an updated and comprehensive way.

Structured thematically, the four volumes cover a wide range of aspects and considerations:

Volume One: Histories, Concepts and Interdisciplinarity

Volume Two: Theoretical Approaches and Methodologies

Volume Three: 'Doing CDA' - Case Studies

Volume Four: Applications and Perspectives - New Trends in CDA

Michael Billig
Critical Discourse Analysis and the Rhetoric of Critique
Paul Chilton
Missing Links in Mainstream Critical Discourse Analysis
Modules, Blends and the Critical Instinct

Norman Fairclough
Critical Discourse Analysis and the Marketization of Public Discourse
Norman Fairclough, Jane Mulderrig and Ruth Wodak
Critical Discourse Analysis
Bernhard Forchtner and Ana Tominc
Critique and Argumentation
On the Relation between the Discourse-Historical Approach and Pragma-Dialectics

Constanza Ihnen and John Richardson
On combining pragma-dialectics with critical discourse analysis
Roger Fowler
On Critical Linguistics
Siegfried Jäger and Florentine Maier
Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Foucauldian Critical Discourse Analysis and Dispositive Analysis
Gunther Kress
Critical Discourse Analysis
Michelle Lazar
Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis
Articulating a Feminist Discourse Praxis

Teun van Dijk
Discourse, Context and Cognition
Teun Van Dijk
Discourse and the Denial of Racism
Theo Van Leeuwen
Representing Social Actors
Theo Van Leeuwen
Legitimation in Discourse and Communication
Gary Wickham and Gavin Kendall
Critical Discourse Analysis, Description, Explanation, Causes
Foucault's Inspiration versus Weber's Perspiration

Ruth Wodak
Pragmatics and Critical Discourse Analysis
A Cross-Disciplinary Inquiry

Ruth Wodak
Language, Power, Identity
Paul Baker et al
A Useful Methodological Synergy? Combining Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics to Examine Discourses of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the U.K. Press
Carmen Caldas-Coulthard and Theo van Leeuwen
Teddy Bear Stories
Courtney Cazden et al
A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies
Designing Social Futures

Lilie Chouliaraki
Political Discourse in the News
Democratizing Responsibility or Aestheticizing Politics

Ian Clarke, Winston Kwon and Ruth Wodak
A Context-Sensitive Approach to Analyzing Talk in Strategy Meetings
Sara Zadunaisky Ehrlich and Shoshana Blum-Kulka
Peer Talk as a 'Double Opportunity Space'
The Case of Argumentative Discourse

Dalia Gavriely-Nuri
If Both Opponents 'Extend Hands in Peace', Why Don't They Meet? Mythic Metaphors and Cultural Codes in the Israeli Peace Discourse
Majid KhosraviNik
Actor Descriptions, Action Attributions and Argumentation
Towards a Systematization of Critical Discourse Analysis Analytical Categories in the Representation of Social Groups

Micha? Krzy?anowski
Political Communication, Institutional Cultures and Linearities of Organizational Practice
A Discourse-Ethnographic Approach to Institutional Change in the European Union

David Machin and Usama Suleiman
Arab and American Computer War Games
The Influence of a Global Technology on Discourse

Gerlinde Mautner
Time to Get Wired
Using Web-Based Corpora in Critical Discourse Analysis

Jane Mulderrig
The Grammar of Governance
Andreas Musolff
Metaphor Scenarios in Public Discourse
Kieran O'Halloran
Inferencing and Cultural Reproduction
A Corpus-Based Critical Discourse Analysis

Martin Reisigl
Rhetoric of Political Speeches
Ron Scollon and Suzie Wong
Scollon Nexus Analysis
Refocusing Ethnography on Action

Mariana Achugar
Between Remembering and Forgetting
Uruguayan Military Discourse about Human Rights (1976-2004)

Christine Anthonissen
Critical Discourse Analysis as an Analytic Tool in Considering Selected, Prominent Feature of TRC Testimonies
Jan Blommaert
Investigating Narrative Inequality
African Asylum Seekers' Stories in Belgium

Michael Clyne
The Use of Exclusionary Language to Manipulate Opinion
John Howard, Asylum Seekers and the Re-Emergence of Political Incorrectness in Australia

Rudolf De Cillia, Martin Reisigl and Ruth Wodak
The Discursive Construction of National Identities
Karmen Erjavec
Media Representation of the Discrimination against the Roma in Eastern Europe
The Case of Slovenia

Norman Fairclough
Blair's Contribution to Elaborating a New 'Doctrine of International Community'
Michael Farrelly
'Global' Discourses of Democracy and an English City
J Flowerdew
Rhetorical Strategies and Identity Politics in the Discourse of Colonial Withdrawal
Phil Graham
Language, New Media and Social Perceptions of Value

Anders Hansen and David Machin
Visually Branding the Environment
Climate Change as a Marketing Opportunity

Veronika Koller
'A Shotgun Wedding'
Co-Occurrence of War and Marriage Metaphors in Mergers and Acquisitions Discourse

Luisa Martin-Rojo and Concepsión Gómez Esteban
Discourse at Work
When Women Take on the Role of Manager

Florian Menz
Who Am I Gonna Do This with
Self-Organization, Ambiguity and Decision-Making in a Business-Enterprise

John Richardson
'Get Shot of the Lot of Them'
Election Reporting of Muslims in British Newspapers

Ruth Wodak and Bernd Matouschek
'We Are Dealing with People Whose Origins One Can Clearly Tell Just by Looking'
Critical Discourse Analysis and the Study of Neo-Racism in Contemporary Austria

Martha Augoustinos, Shona Crabb and Richard Shepherd
Genetically Modified Food in the News
Media Representations of the Genetic Modification Debate in the U.K.

Michael Billig
The Language of Critical Discourse Analysis
The Case of Nominalization

Paul Chilton, Hailong Tian and Ruth Wodak
Reflections on Discourse and Critique in China and the West
Bernhard Forchtner
Critique, the Discourse-Historical Approach and the Frankfurt School
Philip Graham and Allan Luke
Critical Discourse Analysis and Political Economy of Communication
Understanding the New Corporate Order

Martyn Hammersley
Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis
Methods or Paradigms?

Christopher Hart
Force-Interactive Patterns in Immigration Discourse
A Cognitive-Linguistic Approach to Critical Discourse Analysis

Bob Jessop
Critical Semiotic Analysis and Cultural Political Economy
Manfred Kienpointner and Walther Kindt
On the Problem of Bias in Political Argumentation
An Investigation into Discussions about Political Asylum in Germany and Austria

Michae? Krzy?anowski
Discourses and Concepts
Interfaces and Synergies between Begriffsgeschichte and the Discourse-Historical Approach in Critical Discourse Analysis

Jay Lemke
Discursive Technologies and the Social Organization of Meaning
Dennis Mumby and Cynthia Stohl
Power and Discourse in Organization Studies
Absence and the Dialectic of Control

John Richardson and Ruth Wodak
The impact of Visual Racism
Visual Arguments in Political Leaflets of Austrian and British Far-Right Parties

Andrew Sayer
Language and Significance - or the Importance of Import
Implications for Critical Discourse Analysis

Bo Stråth
Future of Europe
Teun Van Dijk
Discourse and Manipulation
Ina Wagner and Ruth Wodak
Performing Success
Identifying Strategies of Self-Presentation in Women's Autobiographical Narratives


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