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Critical Thinking and Professional Judgement for Social Work

Critical Thinking and Professional Judgement for Social Work

Fifth Edition

October 2019 | 104 pages | Learning Matters

Critical thinking can appear formal and academic, far removed from everyday life where decisions have to be taken quickly in less than ideal conditions. It is, however, a vital part of social work, and indeed any healthcare and leadership practice.

Taking a pragmatic look at the range of ideas associated with critical thinking, this Fifth Edition continues to focus on learning and development for practice. The authors discuss the importance of sound, moral judgement based on critical thinking and practical reasoning, and its application to different workplace situations; critical reflection, and its importance to academic work and practice; and the connection between critical thinking ideas and professionalism.

Chapter 1: Who is the book for and how can it help?
Chapter 2: Critical thinking: some general principles
Chapter 3: Professional judgement
Chapter 4: Using knowledge in practice
Chapter 5: Critical reflection
Chapter 6: Writing reflective academic assignments
Chapter 7: Developing critical practice
Chapter 8: Continuing learning: a critical approach

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