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Cultural Theory

Cultural Theory

Four Volume Set
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August 2010 | 1 648 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This four volume collection brings together papers from a range of different journals from different fields, sub-disciplines and disciplines that address the central problem of the relation between culture and society. In doing so, it frames understandings of experience, text, meaning, power, stratification, identity, representation, practice, discourse, materiality, image, technology, and the many other concepts and categories in the context of this fundamental interrelationship.

Although the themes of culture and society provide the broad parameters of these four volumes, Cultural Theory makes visible some of the different objects of theoretical discourse that different schools of thought and theoretical paradigms have thrown before us. The four volumes traverse the disciplines of, amongst others, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, literary theory, media and communication studies, and science and technology studies, to provide a sense of the development and extension of cultural theory from initial and longstanding questions about power and agency, ordinary and popular cultural practice, and representation to ones about the body, sensory experience and identity to the changing natural and built environment and questions about global humanity and justice to developments in the global cultural economy concerning information, technology and value.

Throughout this collection, the editor offers a coherent, complex, and multiply inflected narrative which is both grounded in the substantive histories of the field and oriented to some of its most exciting and forward looking ideas and prospects.

The Uses of Literacy and the Cultural Turn

Stuart Hall
Base and Superstructure in Marxist Theory

Raymond Williams
Orientalism Reconsidered

Edward Said
Culture and Communication: Toward an ethnographic critique of media consumption in the transnational media system

Ien Ang
Useful Culture

Tony Bennett
Neoliberal Newspeak

Pierre Bourdieu and Loïc Wacquant
Clifford Geertz and the Strong Program: The human sciences and cultural sociology

Jeffrey C. Alexander
Power and Agency
The Problem of Ideology: Marxism without guarantees

Stuart Hall
The Orthopsychic Subject: Film theory and the reception of Lacan

Joan Copjec
Post-Marxism without Apologies

Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe
Political Power beyond the State: Problematics of government

Peter Miller and Nikolas Rose
Power after Hegemony: Cultural studies in mutation

Scott Lash
Representation, Popular Culture, and Everyday Life
Fiction and Its Phantoms: A reading of Freud's Das Unheimliche (The "Uncanny")

Héléne Cixous
After Representation

Ian Hunter
Too-blue: Colour-patch for an expanded empiricism

Brian Massumi
The Aristocracy of Culture

Pierre Bourdieu
On the Oppositional Practices of Everyday Life

Michel de Certeau
Collectives and Classification
The Social Space and the Genesis of Groups

Pierre Bourdieu
Sexual Difference and Collective Identities: The New Global Constellation

Seyla Benhabib
The Commitment to Theory

Homi Bhabha
Humans, Animals, Machines

Kate Soper
The Gendered Ontology of Multitude

Mary Hawkesworth
Can Immanence Explain Social Struggles?

Ernesto Laclau
Race Ends Here

Paul Gilroy
Identity, Style, and Performance
Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An essay in phenomenology and feminist theory

Judith Butler
Femininity as Performance

Valerie Walkerdine
Skin Head Sex Thing: Racial difference and the homoerotic imaginary

Kobena Mercer
The Toilet Paper: Femininity, class and mis-recognition

Beverley Skeggs
On Ethics and Feminism: Reflecting on Levinas' ethics of non-(in)difference

Vikki Bell
On 'The Necessity and "Impossibility" of Identities': The politics and ethics of 'new ethnicities'

Brett St Louis
Bodies, Objects and Experiencing the World
Feminism, Film Theory and the Bachelor Machines

Constance Penley
Social Cinema Scenes

Nirmal Puwar
The History of Sensibilities: Of the standard of taste in mid-eighteenth century England and the circulation of smells in post-revolutionary France

David Howes and Marc Lalonde
What if it didn't All Begin and End with Containment? Toward a leaky sense of self

Erin Manning
Getting Real: Technoscientific practices and the materialization of reality

Karen Barad
The Nature of Prozac

Mariam Fraser
A Relativistic Account of Einstein's Relativity

Bruno Latour
Spaces and Environments
Politics and Space/Time

Doreen Massey
Spaces of Identity

David Morley and Kevin Robins
The Political Mobilization of Nature in Seventeenth-Century French Formal Gardens

Chandra Mukerji
Testing Powers of Engagement: Green Living Experiments, the Ontological Turn and the Undoability of Involvement

Noortje Marres
Technological Zones

Andrew Barry
European Cities, the Informational Society, and the Global Economy

Manuel Castells
The Urbanization of Empire: Megacities and the laws of chaos

Mike Davis
People as Infrastructure: Intersecting fragments in Johannesburg

Abdul Maliq Simone
Ordering Insecurity: Social Polarization and the Punitive Upsurge

Loïc Wacquant
Cosmopolitan Knowledge and the Production and Consumption of Sexualized Space: Manchester's gay village

Jon Binnie and Beverley Skeggs
Urbanism and City Spaces in the Work of Stuart Hall

Michael Keith
Politics and Humanity
Culture as the Ideological Battleground of the Modern World-System

Immanuel Wallerstein
Cultural Studies and the Neo-Liberal Imagination

John Frow
Islam in Public: New visibilities and new imaginaries

Nilufer Göle
Cosmopolitan Modernity: Everyday imaginaries and the register of difference

Mica Nava
The fetish of the margins: religious absolutism, anti-racism and postcolonial silence

Chetan Bhatt
Sexual politics, torture and secular time

Judith Butler
Zones of Indistinction: Giorgio Agamben's 'Bare Life' and the politics of aesthetics

Anthony Downey
The Childhood of Human Rights: The Kodak on the Congo

Sharon Sliwinski
"When Ignorant Armies Clash by Night": Homogenous community and the planetary aspect

Paul Gilroy
Cultural and Creative Industry
Film and Business History: The development of an American mass entertainment industry

Douglas Gomery
Cultural Studies as Performative

Henry Giroux
Representing the Enterprising Self: Thirtysomething and contemporary consumer culture

Frances Bonner and Paul du Gay
Fashion Culture: Creative work, female individualization

Angela McRobbie
In the Social Factory? Immaterial Labour, Precariousness and Cultural Work

Ros Gill and Andy Pratt
Cultural Economy
Toward a Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign

Jean Baudrillard
Turning Callon the right way up

Daniel Miller
Trader's Engagement with Markets: A postsocial relationship

Karin Knorr-Cetina and Ure Bruegger
Geomoney: An option on frost, going long on clouds

Michael Pryke
Brand as Assemblage: Assembling culture

Celia Lury
The New Economy, Property and Personhood

Lisa Adkins
Technology and Knowledge
Knowledge and Class

John Frow
Do Artefacts Have Ambivalence? Moses' Bridges, Winner's Bridges and Other urban Legends in SandTS

Steve Woolgar and Geoff Cooper
Science as Culture, Cultures of Science

Sarah Franklin
AIDS, Homophobia and Biomedical Discourse: An epidemic of signification

Paula Treichler
The Body and the Digital Archive: The Visible Human Project and the computerization of medicine

Catherine Waldby
Communication Beyond Meaning: On the cultural politics of information

Tiziana Terranova
Topologies: Michel Serres and the shapes of thought

Steven Connor

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