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Culture and Power

Culture and Power
A Media, Culture & Society Reader

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April 1992 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This broad-ranging book presents an introduction to the issues and debates which are currently central to media studies, drawn from major articles published in the journal Media, Culture & Society in the period 1985 - 1991.

The first part outlines and surveys some key theoretical developments in media studies such as the increased use of feminist and cultural studies approaches to the media and the development of the postmodernism debate. The second part addresses the key area of recent research around the audience; the last section addresses the public sphere. Drawing together key work from the breadth of current critical media research, Culture and Power is an invaluable student textbook and a complement to the library of the individual researcher.

N[ac]estor Garc[ac]ia Canclini
Culture and Power
The State of Research

David Tetzlaff
Popular Culture and Social Control in Late Capitalism
Kuan-Hsing Chen
Critical Postmodernism and Cultural Studies

Sarah Franklin, Celia Lury and Jackie Stacey
Feminism and Cultural Studies
Thomas K Fitzgerald
Media, Ethnicity and Identity
Shaun Moores
Text, Readers and Contexts of Reading
Kay Richardson and John Corner
Reading Reception
Mediation and Transparency in Viewers' Reception of a TV Programme

Elizabeth Frazer
Teenage Girls Reading Jackie
Peter Dahlgren
What's the Meaning of This? Viewers' Plural Sense-Making of TV News
Klaus Bruhn Jensen
The Politics of Polysemy
Television News, Everyday Consciousness and Political Action

Susan Kippax
Women as Audience
The Experience of Unwaged Women of the Performing Arts

John D H Downing
The Alternative Public Realm
The Organization of the 1980s Anti-Nuclear Press in West Germany and Britain

Colin Sparks
The Popular Press and Political Democracy
Philip Schlesinger
From Production to Propaganda?
Paddy Scannell
Public Service Broadcasting and Modern Public Life

`This is a much-needed and timely follow-up to an earlier reader by the well-respected communication journal Media Culture & Society. This recent reader consists of 15 publications taken from the period 1985-1991, subdivided into three main sections or parts: culture and power, the audience and everyday life, and the media and public life... This comprehensive reader of integrated critical media research will surely become an invaluable asset for all those scholars and students of media studies struggling to place power relations back at the centre of the debate about the nature and dynamics of the culture-society readership.' - Canadian Journal of Communication

`This reader of articles drawn from Media, Culture and Society presents a strong cross-section of studies which examine the importance of power for the study of culture. This book will be of interest to all those whose work involves the analysis of popular culture, the negotiation of the meaning of cultural texts, and the production of cultural forms' - The Canadian Journal of Sociology

This is an excellent edited text compiled by luminaries in the field of media and cultural studies - challenging but equally accessible especially for post graduate students.

Dr Hayes Mabweazara
Media and Performance, University College Falmouth
November 13, 2012

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