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A Primer on Cyber Risk Management for Business Managers

  • Ajay Singh - Corporate Advisor and Mentor, and visiting faculty on Cybersecurity at leading management institutes

November 2020 | 296 pages | SAGE Response
Cyber risk is one of the biggest challenges businesses face in the 21st Century. The increasing dependence and use of technology to run businesses combined with the spate of cyber-attacks and risk to reputational damage in recent times has made cybersecurity a top priority for corporates as well as big and small businesses
Limited knowledge of cybersecurity among business leaders and managers is a major barrier for effective cyber risk management. This book empowers business managers to assess cyber threats, integrate cybersecurity strategy with business goals, and build appropriate response systems to deal with cyber risks.
Foreword by Ajai Chowdhry
Introduction: The 16 Insights to Managing Cyber Risks
PART I Identifying Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities
Cyberattack Surface: Threats and Vulnerabilities
Recognizing Your Vulnerabilities
Apps: Can They Land You in Trouble?
Discovering and Recovering from Cyberattacks
Motives of a Cybercriminal
Cyberattacks Can Be Devastating
Cyber Risk: A Key Business Risk
PART II Understanding Cyber Risks
Assessing Cyber Risks to Your Business
Cyber Resilience
The Human Factor in Cybersecurity
PART III Managing Cyber Risks
The Role of Technology in Cybersecurity
Cyber Laws and Cybersecurity Regulations
The Role of Leadership
Collaboration is the Future of Cybersecurity
The Role of Cybersecurity Frameworks
Enterprise Cybersecurity and Social Media
Final Words on Being CyberStrong
Appendix: 30 Notable Cybersecurity Events since 2010

The post-COVID-19 workplace is going to be radically different—many employees will work from home. This transition from a physical to a virtual work environment makes it imperative to safeguard and protect the technologies that enable modern businesses. Ajay makes the case for moving cyber risk from a back-office IT function to a business risk that needs to be owned and managed at the executive level. Becoming CyberStrong is a team sport and Ajay’s explanation of cyber risks are easy to understand for non-technical business managers to get on board.

Ram Reddy
Author and VP of Global IT, Dermalogica, a Unilever-owned company

Ajay has very lucidly yet comprehensively talked about one of the biggest invisible adversaries corporations face in the digital era. Ajay’s deep experience in leading a technology organization and his current pursuit have gifted us this knowledge that is relevant to all leaders in current times.

Amit Mookim
Managing Director, South Asia, IQVIA Inc., a human data science company

From large companies to fast growing technology-led start-ups, business leaders remain poorly equipped to define and assess their cyber security readiness. It often ends badly with the management team in a full-blown crisis situation relating to customer confidence, data loss, legal exposure and loss of service. This book is an essential read for business leaders as they lead organizations in a digital age.

Bala Srinivasa
Managing Director, Arkam Ventures, a venture capital firm

Cyber risk is a key business risk. Since it goes beyond the information technology department, it is absolutely essential that non-technical managers and line staff be trained in understanding this risk and its mitigation. This book is an important contribution towards that. Written in a simple, non-technical fashion, it will be easy to read and understand for all managers and staff.

Nirmalendu Jajodia
ex CTO, Financial Services

Like cricket, writing a book is all about ‘timing’. Ajay’s exquisite cover drive exposing gaps in the ‘cyber security fielding’ of internet users is an elegant display of his skills. The recent events have made the internet and exposure to the cyber world commonplace and ubiquitous. This primer is as essential as the helmet and the guards for the business manager and for you and me. A must-read for all.

Ashok Barat
Board Member and Corporate Advisor, and President, The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India

Some subjects that are contemporary and absolutely relevant for the times that we are in face serious challenges in application. And I feel one very strong reason for the same is the lack of good literature and source of conceptual clarity that becomes the building block for such applications.

Cyber risk is not an issue for times that we are in alone. It is futuristic and to the extent of perhaps being amongst the top 10 concerns that shall dictate future business applications. And thus, warrants immediate attention for creating a strong theoretical framework that embeds application for clear understanding of the subject matter. Keeping this in mind, the efforts of Mr Ajay Singh are laudable in taking the onus to create a guiding framework on cyber risk. A practitioner with years of experience, Mr Ajay Singh gets to the table a perfect blend of theoretical framework and practical applications that are futuristic which is so evidently showcased in the book CyberStrong: A Primer on Cyber Risk Management for Business Managers. 

The book is a holistic and exhaustive coverage of topics—from insights to cyber risk to regulations and moving on to leadership role in scenarios that deal with cyber risk.

I am sure the book shall go a long way in helping budding managers understand the intricacies of a subject matter as complex as cyber risk for better applications.

Dr Kalim Khan
Director, Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai

This book gives extensive coverage on how organizations can keep themselves protected from cyber threats. It will enable you to turn a risk into advantage. It discusses topics ranging from identifying cyber threats and vulnerabilities to understanding cyber risks and managing cyber risks. Author has structured the contents very well and has included real-life examples. This book can be useful to business leaders, IT professionals and law-enforcing authorities. It can be used as a textbook in universities and colleges in the graduate programs on cyber security. This book is the need of the hour.

Prof. M. L. Saikumar, PhD (IT)
Former Dean, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad

As organizations embrace digital transformation journeys, cyber threats are emerging as the biggest business challenge. COVID-19 times have seen huge surge in cyber-attacks and ransomware attacks in diverse industries such as banks and healthcare. Now cyber security has moved from the IT realm to board room discussions, wherein policies and strategies need to be formulated for cyber-risk management. In this context, this book provides invaluable insights to empower board members, business leaders and managers with basic knowledge to build a resilient and cyber strong organization.

O. R. S. Rao
Vice-Chancellor, ICFAI University, Jharkhand

“A sensible and welcome book, with much to commend it in terms of tone and content.”

Professional Security Magazine, 11 November 2020

“Meticulously researched and written by Ajay Singh, ‘CyberStrong’ helps any leader, owner or manager protect their information assets and directly address the biggest current threat to their organisation.”

Sustainability Today UK, January-February 2021

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