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Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation
A Handbook for Data Driven Design

  • Andy Kirk - Freelance data visualisation specialist and trainer
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June 2016 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Voted one of the "six best books for data geeks" by The Financial Times. Read the review here.

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Never has it been more essential to work in the world of data. Scholars and students need to be able to analyze, design, and curate information into useful tools of communication, insight, and understanding. This book is the starting point in learning the process and skills of data visualization, teaching the concepts and skills of how to present data, and inspiring effective visual design.

Benefits of this book:

  • A flexible step-by-step journey that equips you to achieve great data visualization
  • A curated collection of classic and contemporary examples, giving illustrations of good and bad practice
  • Examples on every page to give creative inspiration
  • Illustrations of good and bad practice show you how to critically evaluate and improve your own work
  • Advice and experience from the best designers in the field
  • Loads of online practical help, checklists, case studies and exercises make this the most comprehensive text available
Defining Data Visualisation
Data Visualisation Workflow
Formulating your Brief
Working with Data
Establishing your Editorial Perspective
Data Representation
Visualisation Literacy


Click for online resources

Take a look around the companion website for Data Visualisation. Hosted by Andy Kirk as a subsite of, the site is dedicated to providing readers with additional references and resources to supplement their learning from the book's content. These resources include:

  • Reading sections: a curated collection of recommended links to web articles, papers and texts, as well as suggested visualisation projects that are associated with the topics covered by each chapter
  • Exercises sections: a range of conceptual and practical tasks to help substantiate learning from the book
  • Case study sections: provides a stream of narrative detailing the behind-the-scenes process that went in to the development of the 'Filmographics' project, which was created exclusively to accompany the publication of this book
  • Tools: provides a curated, organised catalogue of over 320 data visualisation tools, applications and libraries currently available in the field
  • The 'Chartmaker Directory': Coming soon! This is a project currently in development that aims to tie together two fundamental perspectives: charts and tools
  • Books: a collection of some of the most important and influential books on data visualisation, infographics, statistics and other related subject areas
  • Monthly digest: After the end of each month these 'Best of the visualisation web…' posts collate some of the standout projects, articles, and learning resources that have emerged

The book shows different ways of visualizing data, depending on the type and reason. Very easy to understand and to handle.

Mrs Nora Denner
Dept Social Sciences, Media and Sport, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
July 19, 2016

An accessible, multidisciplinary text that is a clear guide for the novice researcher from the very beginning of her/his research journey to the final precise composition of the research.

Ms Therese Alison Lewis
Faculty of Health, Social Work & Educ, Northumbria University
July 1, 2016

Good guide to data visualisation with excellent examples for students.

Dr Angus Stirling Forsyth
Health , Northumbria University
May 26, 2016

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Data Visualisation: Defining Data Visualisation

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