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Data Planet

How Data Planet supports research

Data Planet simplifies data analysis by providing an all-in-one resource for social science researchers and students to access statistics relevant to their areas of study.

  • Provides powerful functionality with fast access to more than 6 billion U.S. and international datasets from over 75 sources
  • Saves researchers and students valuable time with easy browse and search navigation to locate authoritative, citable statistics
  • Promotes efficient research with the ability to manipulate datasets, compare multiple indicators and sources, chart trends over time, and map data on a single interface
  • Enhances learning by providing context to understand and interpret the data
  • Offers customizable visualizations of the data

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New in 2018!

Data Planet added four additional US Department of Homeland Security databases to the repository.  Already available in the repository is the DHS database on Persons Obtaining Lawful Permanent Residence (or “green card” recipients)  in the United States.

  • Refugees and Asylees provides data on foreign nationals granted asylum or refugee status by the United States. 
  • Naturalizations provides statistics on the number of persons aged 18 years and older who became naturalized United States. 
  • Nonimmigrant Admissions offers statistics on nonimmigrant admissions into the United States.
  • Immigration Enforcement Actions reports on actions taken by the Department of Homeland Security  to prevent unlawful entry into the United States and to apprehend and repatriate aliens who have violated or failed to comply with US immigration laws.

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Content and features

  • 52 billion data points
  • 6.2 billion datasets
  • 465+ source databases
  • 75+ data providers
  • Datasets are finable via 37 fields of metadata plus searchable indicator titles and multiple filters
  • Visualize in multiple formats: table, chart, map, or graphs
  • Profile specific industries, geographies, topics, or points in time
  • Generate formatted datasheets with data, dataset descriptions, metadata, and charts, maps, tables, and downloads, and create durable web links or DOIs

16 major subject categories

Agriculture and Food; Banking, Finance, and Insurance; Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement; Education; Energy Resources and Industries; Government and Politics; Health and Vital Statistics; Housing and Construction; Industry, Business, and Commerce; International Relations and Trade; Labor and Employment; Military and Defense; Natural Resources and Environment; Population and Income; Prices, Consumption, and Cost of Living; Transportation and Traffic

Premium modules

  • China Data Center datasets provide yearly historical indicators of social and economic characteristics of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Easy Analytic Software Inc. (EASI) is a New York based software engineering and statistical modeling firm that specializes in consumer demographics
  • InfoGroup Business USA is a big data, analytics and marketing services provider. Infogroup provides both digital and traditional marketing channel expertise drawing on proprietary data collected on millions of business establishments.
  • Worldwide Stock Market Prices and Precious Metals Daily Prices: This dataset provides historical prices for equities trading on more than 50 global exchanges. Daily open, close, high, low, and volume statistics are reported. The historical depth of the time series available varies by equity.


“….broad coverage of subjects, focus on time series data, provision of raw data that can be downloaded or viewed using the analytical tools, and the overall number of data sources available.” –Charleston Advisor

“We were extremely impressed with Data-Planet. It seems to have done (nearly) everything right. It has culled some of the best public datasets available, did an outstanding job of normalizing the data for a seamless browse and search experience, provides superb value-added features, including the overlay and calculation, and is well-thought-out and intelligently designed throughout. The intense attention to quality, clarity, and detail is evident, and the online help and assistance pages are excellent as well.” –The Information Advisor’s Guide to Internet Research

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