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Democracy and the Rule of Law

Democracy and the Rule of Law

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April 2001 | 472 pages | CQ Press
''Democracy and the Rule of Law is based upon a 2000 conference, jointly sponsored by the Law Library of Congress and the New York University School of Law. It features over 40 essays exploring the crucial dynamic between the concepts of democracy and the rule of law. This book is valuable to students and scholars interested in the spread of democracy in many parts of the world. It also shows how different countries with contrasting legal traditions commonly confront major problems under their constitutions. ''''The essays focus on significant comparative and international legal and political issues, including: ''''Transnational justice and national sovereignty ''Natural resources and the environment ''The role of women ''Political status and democracy in multi-ethnic and multi-racial states ''Law and accountability ''Religion and culture. ''''''Eminent U.S. and foreign scholars and dignitaries, including judges, university professors, politicians, and high-ranking government administrators, serve as contributors. ''

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ISBN: 9781568025995