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Design Thinking

Design Thinking
Beyond the Sticky Notes

  • Devyani M. Lal - User Researcher and Design Research Practitioner based in San Francisco, California

August 2021 | 268 pages | SAGE Response
Design thinking may forever remain as Ideo’s original creative solution to innovation but today it has been popularly adopted by Apple, Google, Samsung and the GEs of the world as a go to mantra for business growth. While Ideo and other Silicon Valley experts have always been emulated for their unique thinking, the dynamic variables of Indian industry such as its competitive economy, evolving demographics, tastes and preferences prove that prescribed design thinking models do not always provide absolute solutions. 

Design Thinking: Beyond the Sticky Note showcases that design is much more than developing aesthetically appealing products. It discusses various philosophies of design in today’s context such as design for debate, design for growth, design for social impact, human-centered design and mindful design. The book captures the views of design practitioners working in organizations like BYJU’S, Microsoft, Zoom, Rovio Entertainment, Google and Palantir Technologies. Design thinking is not limited to a position, profession or specialization. It is for everyone! The book incorporates evolved tools of design thinking which allows the creation and validation of design solutions focusing on user needs. In addition, this book highlights the shift in design from industrial product design to systems thinking through examples of technology and data driven aspects of design. It will be an insightful and useful read for design practitioners and thinkers in India as well as for industry professionals who would like to learn, use and apply the design thinking approach in daily and professional lives.
‘Make, Bake and Eat’ Epiphany
Design Thinking over a Footprint: Designing and Thinking 101
Problem-solving: Your Imaginary Best Friend, Hence Proven
Mona Lisa Complex
Two Friendly Neighbours: Design Thinking and Business Thinking
Portrait of a User: The User Story
Empathy in Design: It’s Cool to Lose the Reigns
Spring Cleaning: Rethink Your Design Toolbox
Mindful Design Practices
Design for Impact
What Lies Ahead: The Future of Design Thinking

‘It is an exciting book to read, digest and apply. Much needed comparison and demystifying the assumption that only designers can use System’s Thinking. I am so very glad that the author has used drawings to express meanings that anyone can draw, the same way that one can understand and apply design thinking to any problem-solving activity.’

Krishna Amin-Patel
Professor and former Dean, National Institute of Design, PG Campus

‘It is a very interesting and fun read. Devyani has beautifully knitted the concept, principles, examples, illustrations and way forward for design thinking as a mainstream phenomenon for diverse fields and not just restrictive to designers. The storytelling approach is very engrossing and unassuming, and use of illustrations is interesting and a great addition to the book. It is a must-read for all modern workplace managers.’

Teena Singh
Professor and Registrar, New Delhi Institute of Management

‘It is a refreshing take on the practical aspects of design thinking and is one of the few reads that acknowledge the imminent ubiquity of AI all around us and explore the role inclusive design can play in tackling the AI bias head-on. It is a must-read for a modern product manager and designers alike.’

Tanmay Sinha
Product Manager, IBM Data and AI

‘This book reads like a series of personal essays, written by a designer who has spanned multiple cultures, written to other designers who are trying to make sense, and perhaps explore in some more detail, of the changes underway in the realm of design. It raises thorny issues like the relationship of DT to AI and the dark side of empathy with a bit of “how to” (like the mindful design cards) occasionally sprinkled about, made more interesting and personal by the addition of a visual dimension.’

Jeanne Liedtka
Professor of Business, Darden School of Business, The University of Virginia’s; Former Chief Learning Officer, United Technologies Corporation

‘It is a much-needed look into the evolution of design thinking rooted with applicable frameworks and reflections from various design practitioners. It is a must-read for all professionals.’

Jaskeerat Bedi
Experience Designer, Microsoft

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