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Development and Public Finance

Development and Public Finance
Essays in Honour of Raja J Chelliah

First Edition
Edited by:
  • D. K. Srivastava - Chief Policy Advisor, EY India, Honorary Professor, Madras School of Economics
  • U. Sankar - Madras School of Economics, Chennai, India

March 2012 | 368 pages | SAGE India
Development and Public Finance is a commemorative volume on late Dr Raja J. Chelliah, one of the foremost Public Finance experts of India. It is designed as a compendium of essays on contemporary issues of Public Finance and Development, focusing on the rapidly globalizing Indian economy. Well-known scholars and experts have contributed insightful articles to this collection.

All contributions have been exclusively invited for this publication. They represent a weaving of interdependent themes of Development and Public Finance and are sequentially arranged to reflect their interrelationships. Some of the important topics analyzed by the articles are: divestment and privatization; financial transaction tax; carbon tax; fiscal federalism; goods and service tax; decentralization; social policy; and climate change.

Not only is this volume academically rich, it also has an entire section where Dr Chelliah's peers and colleagues talk about him and how they saw him-the man they variously describe as a great scholar, a brilliant economist, and an indomitable crusader.

C Rangarajan
D K Srivastava and U Sankar
Introduction and Overview
On Strategies for Disinvestment and Privatization

Vijay Kelkar
Financial Transactions Taxes

Parthasarathi Shome
Issues in Design and Implementation of a Carbon Tax System in India

U Sankar
Economic Analysis of India's Double Tax Avoidance Agreements

Arindam Das-Gupta
A Political Cost Model of Fiscal Federalism: Some Empirical Results from Indian Federation

Shyam Nath
Tax Effort of Indian States, 2002-2007

Indira Rajaraman and Rajan Goyal
On the Political Economy of Fiscal Imbalances in India

D K Srivastava
When Should Budget Deficit Be a Serious Concern?

Subra Ramamuthy
Revenue Estimation for Goods and Services Tax

Mahesh C Purohit and Vishnu Kanta Purohit
Contours of Central Banking: Have They Changed?

C Rangarajan
Decentralization and Economic Development: Issues in Policy and Institutional Reform

M Govinda Rao
Modelling Social Choice Policy

Jaya Krishnakumar, Paola Ballon & Juan Tellez
Decentralization in India: Outcomes and Opportunities

Kaliappa Kalirajan & Keijiro Otsuka
Globalization of Knowledge Development

N S Siddharthan
Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation Policies in India

K S Kavi Kumar
Regional Growth Convergence in Indian States: A Panel-Data Approach

K R Shanmugam
Investment and Subsidies in Indian Agriculture: One Variation on a Theme by Dr Raja J Chelliah

Raghbendra Jha
Credit, Bank Branching and Output: Evidence from Indian States

Kausik Chaudhuri and Mary Cherical
A Biographical Sketch

D K Srivastava
Raja Chelliah: Economist without an Honorific 'Indian'

Deena Khatkhate
Dr Chelliah: Great Crusader for Fiscal Reforms

Subra Ramamurthy
Raja Chelliah: An Indomitable Crusader

T S Rangamannar

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