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Developments in Cognitive Psychotherapy

Developments in Cognitive Psychotherapy

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May 1988 | 260 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
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This book presents a selection of the most recent developments in cognitive psychotherapy and represents the breadth of work being done in the field. Part One, `Principles', deals with theoretical work and models of therapy; Part Two, `Applications', presents applied work in cognitive psychotherapy. Developments in Cognitive Psychotherapy is unique in that its contributions are from both North America and Britain and will be an invaluable addition to the psychotherapist's library.

Cheryl N Carmin and E Thomas Dowd
Paradigms in Cognitive Psychotherapy
Richard L Wessler
Affect and Nonconscious Processes in Cognitive Psychotherapy
Paul Gilbert
Emotional Disorders, Brain State and Psychosocial Evolution
Russell M Grieger
From a Linear to a Contextual Model of the ABCs of RET
Comments on Grieger
Windy Dryden and Albert Ellis

Mark GloverResponsibility and Therapy
Kevin Howells
The Management of Angry Aggression
a Cognitive-Behavioural Approach
Moira Hamlin

An Integrated Cognitive-Behavioural Approach to Withdrawal from Tranquillisers
Jan Scott
Cognitive Therapy with Depressed Inpatients
Diana R Richman
Cognitive Psychotherapy through the Career Cycle
Elin H Evans and Elspeth McAdam
Training Parents to be Effective
a Cognitive-Behavioural Approach

`These chapters offer a review of their field, and give good descriptions of clinical practice using a blend of cognitive, behavioural, and other strategies. I found many of the theoretical chapters in this book thought-provoking, while the clinical section gave useful summaries and practical advice. For all those familiar with the basics of cognitive therapy, this will be a useful resource' - The British Journal of Psychiatry

`This book represents a drawing together of a substantial amount of research in the field of cognitive psychotherapy from past to present. What is particularly successful is the emphasis on recent British research in the field rather than a concentration on just American developments as is often the case... final year undergraduate students and practitioners in the field would find this a book which would substantially enhance both their knowledge base and therapeutic techniques' - Counselling Psychology Quarterly

`This well-edited, intelligently organized book is a useful addition to the literature on cognitive approaches... I was intrigued to see the wide range of approaches included' - British Journal of Medical Psychology

`a most welcome contribution to the cognitive psychotherapy literature, particularly since it features British work, which is otherwise not very accessible... This much-needed collection of contemporary views and practice in cognitive psychotherapy is essential reading for committed cognitive psychotherapists and researchers. In addition, it will be valuable to trainers and trainees in the clinical professions... both readable and stimulating, it is to be recommended' - British Journal of Clinical Psychology

`if you have a particular interest in cognitive therapies - in practice, teaching or research - this book is well worth having a look at' - BPS Counselling Psychology Review

`presents a broad range of theoretical approaches... It will offer the mental health care professional food for thought and stimulate further reading' - Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy

`a book I'd feel happy to recommend, achieving its aim of presenting a `sample of recent developments' constructively and usefully' - Clinical Psychology Forum

`a useful survey of how the field is developing' - Bethlem & Maudsley Gazette

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