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Diagnosing Organizations

Diagnosing Organizations
Methods, Models, and Processes

Third Edition

January 2005 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How can organizations handle the opportunities and threats posed by rapidly changing markets and external conditions? How can they improve their overall effectiveness? The Third Edition of Diagnosing Organizations contains up-to-date treatments of techniques and models for diagnosing how organizations deal with challenges like these. The book also shows how consultants and applied researchers can help managers find ways to enhance organizational effectiveness. The completely revised edition of this best-selling book presents the latest techniques for gathering and analyzing diagnostic data. It also covers models and methods for diagnosing organizational designs, everyday practices, fits among organizational components, organizational politics, and power relations. Ethical and political dilemmas of consulting and diagnosis are also explored. The book retains its original coverage of the process of working with members of a client organization to plan and administer a diagnostic study and communicate its results.
1. Diagnosis: Approaches and Methods
Uses of Diagnosis

Three Keys to Successful Diagnosis

Diagnosis in Turbulent Times

Conclusion and Plan of the Book


2. Open Systems Models
Using the Open Systems Approach

Gathering and Analyzing Data

Assessing Effectiveness

Assessing Feasibility of Change and Choosing Appropriate Interventions


3. Assessing Individual and Group Behavior
Model for Diagnosing Individual and Group Behavior

Action Model for Group Task Performance

Diagnostic Methods and Procedures


4. System Fits and Organizational Politics
Diagnosing System Fits

Emergent Behavior and Culture Versus Official Mandates

Assessing the Impacts of Fits and Gaps

Power and Politics


5. Environmental Relations
Guidelines for Diagnosis

Diagnostic Methods


6. Challenges and Dilemmas of Diagnosis
The Goals Dilemma

The Politics Dilemma

The Professionalism Dilemma


Appendix A: General Orientation Interview
Appendix B: Instruments for Diagnosis and Assessment
Appendix C: A Guide to Diagnosing Behavior During Meetings
Appendix D: Resources for Developing Expertise in Diagnosis
About the Author

It's a great textbook for the course
'Organization Diagnosis'. It provides the necessary information, tactics, and tools to best complete an organizational diagnosis accurately.

Dr NienChi Liu
Institute of Human Resource Management, National Central University
November 11, 2013

Concise text which nicely combines theory and practice and provides guidance to applying 'diagnostic' processes in practice.

Mr Robin Miller
Health Services Management Centre, Birmingham University
September 11, 2013

Clear, understandable writing that all levels of students could understand and use

Ms Jennie Gross
Education/Jennie Gross, Denver Career College
February 28, 2012

I recommend Harrion's book on diagnosing organizations to all my master thesis students. It helps them to think more accurately on research within organizations.

Mr Ferry Koster
Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam
January 22, 2012

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