Digital Media and Society

Digital Media and Society

May 2017 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In the early 21st century, the worlds of the digital and the social have become irreversibly intertwined: we are now truly living in a digital society. This is Simon Lindgren’s starting point for his comprehensive new analysis of the contemporary media landscape. Neatly divided into three sections, his book introduces the central theories through which to frame digital society – the hot topics that have come to dominate both scholarly and public debates and the key research methods used in the field. It features:

  • Succinct explanations of key concepts and theories
  • Practical exercises to aid understanding and allow students to apply to their learning
  • Further reading sections to help students explore the relevant literature and enhance their own research
  • Guidance on key research methods such as digital ethnography, thematic analysis and text mining
  • Up-to-date, recognizable examples including Twitter, trolling and the selfie.

Sitting at the cutting edge of new media research, this is the must-have text for students of the digital society.

1. Digital Society
2. Social Media
3. Cyber Debates
4. Interaction and Identity
5. Communities and Networks
6. Digital Visuality and Visibility
7. Feeling Digital
8. Digital Citizenship
9. Digital Power and Exploitation
10. Digital Activism
11. Mobile Culture
12. Software, Algorithms and Data
13. Digital Social Research
14. The Research Process
15. Digital Ethnography
16. Mapping and Mining Digital Society
17. A Theory of Digital Media and Social Change

An impressive accomplishment.  The book will reward both students and advanced scholars with its comprehensive overview, deft and accessible style, and an array of significant insights contributing to our developing understanding of social media and, most broadly, a coming post-digital society.

Charles M. Ess
University of Oslo

A brilliantly written, essential text for understanding how digital media are changing society and how we can theorize and empirically study digital transformations.

Christian Fuchs
University of Westminster

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