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Disabling Barriers - Enabling Environments

Disabling Barriers - Enabling Environments

Third Edition
Edited by:

November 2013 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Since it was first published in 1993, Disabling Barriers, Enabling Environments has established itself as essential reading for anyone coming to the subject of disability studies. The book tackles a wide range of issues in numerous succinct chapters written by contributing authors, many of whom are disabled themselves. From the outset, the chapters take a multidisciplinary and international approach.

The third edition is made up of 42 chapters, 15 of which are completely new to this edition, including:

·       Early seminal writings in disabled studies

·       Death and dying

·       Psychology

·       Hate crime and the criminal justice system

·       Sport

·       Psycho-emotional disablism and internal oppression.

This seminal textbook conveys the continuing developments in the lives and experiences of disabled people. It is valuable reading for students and professionals in the fields of social work, sociology, social policy, health and nursing as well as disabled people.


Sally French
An Historical Overview
Carol Thomas
Disability and Impairment
Colin Barnes
Disability, Disability Studies and the Academy
Colin Cameron
Developing an Affirmative Model of Disability and Impairment
Colin Goble
Dependence, Independence and Normality
Colin Barnes
Reflections on Doing Emancipatory Disability Research
John Swain and Sally French
International Perspectives on Disability
Bill Hughes
Disability and the Body
Dan Goodley
Disability and Psychology
Alison Sheldon
Women and Disability
Steve Robertson and Brett Smith
Men, Masculinities and Disability
Liz Crow
Lying Down Anyhow: Disability and the Rebel Body
Donna Reeve
Psycho-emotional Disablism and Internalised Oppression
Mark Priestley
Generating Debates: Why We Need a Life-Course Approach to Disability Issues
Robert Williams-Findlay
The Representation of Disabled People in the News Media
Alison Wilde
Disability Culture: The Story So Far
Yasmin Hussain
'Race', Ethnicity and Disability
Dan Goodley
Who Is Disabled? Exploring the Scope of the Social Model of Disability
Selina Bonnie
Disabled People, Disability and Sexuality
Dawn Benson and Sarah Keyes
Challenging Barriers and Enabling Inclusion: the Role of Families
John M. Davis
Disability and Childhood: A Journey towards Inclusion
Laura Hemingway
Housing and Independent Living
Alison Sheldon
Changing Technology
Alan Hewitt and Carole Pound
Communication Barriers: Building Access and Inclusive Relationships
Michele Moore
Controlling Exclusion in Education
Sally French
User Involvement in Services for Disabled People
Hannah Morgan
User-Led Organisations: Facilitating Independent Living?
Donna Marie Brown, Pauline Gertig and Maureen Gillman, with Joyce Anderson, Cathy Clarke and Simon Powell
Accessing Social and Leisure Activities: Barriers to Inclusion Experienced by Visually Impaired People
Brett Smith and Anthony Papathomas
Disability, Sport and Exercising Bodies
Ann Macfarlane
Disability and Ageing
Alan Roulstone
Disabled People, Work and Welfare
Sarah Woodin
Care: Controlling and Personalising Services
Donna Reeve
Counselling and Disabled People: Help or Hindrance?
Peter Beresford
Developments in Mental Health Policy and Practice: Service User Critiques
Maria Berghs
The Global Economy of 'Care'
Sally French and John Swain
Disability and Social Inclusion in the Information Society
Rob Imrie
Designing Inclusive Environments and the Significance of Universal Design
Alice Maynard
Genetics, Disability and Bioethics
Bill Armer
Disability, Death and Dying: A Rights-Based Discussion of the Ultimate Barrier Facing Disabled People
Pam Thomas
Hate Crime and the Criminal Justice System
Marcia Rioux and Bonita Heath
Human Rights in Context: Making Rights Count
Alison Sheldon
The Future of Disability Studies

This is an essential text for anyone committed to social justice and with an interest in promoting equality.

Chris Yianni
Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Manchester Metropolitan University

This third edition of a classic text is a most welcome addition, providing over forty critical chapters from many of the key writers in the field.  The book simultaneously  manages to update past ideas while framing new theory.  It is a must have for all disability studies scholars.

Dr Toby Brandon
Reader in Disability and Mental Health, Northumbria University

This is has been a core text on the NM5103 Long term conditions and enablement programme here at the University of Chester since 2014. An excellent book which is used frequently in the teaching of BA Health and Social Care students.

Valerie Ebrahimi
School of Health & Social Care, Chester University
March 4, 2016

This is a useful book for those who work with students with disabilities or they aim to work so. It provides an overview of current policies and practice enriched by several research examples, concerning equality and diversity, social and educational inclusion of disabled people. It covers almost all aspects of disability, SEN and inclusion. Although, my course does not focus on every aspect of disability and inclusion, this is a really useful guide and a very good way to introduce disability and inclusion with its broader meaning to undergraduate and postgraduate students who aim to become practitioners and teachers.

Dr Kyriakos Demetriou
Education , Liverpool Hope University
January 20, 2016

This is an excellent book for any student who is learning about how the environment can impact on those people who are described as having a disability.

Mr Conor McKevitt
Department of Humanities, Dundalk Institute of Technology
June 8, 2015

Good supplementary text for our pre-reg students

Dr Vincent Icheku
Faculty of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University
May 20, 2015

This text highlights key issues for social care workers. It covers a broad range of topics which will help to initiate further exploration around disability.

Mr Stefan Brown
Department of Health and Social Care, Royal Holloway, University of London
May 19, 2015

Additional reading for students

Mrs Vanessa Heaslip
Department of Nursing, Bournemouth University
February 10, 2015

This is a valuable updated text which provides students with a range of areas to explore in the field of disability and incorporates some new areas. Preparation for one session will incorporate the chapter on exclusion and education.

Mrs Janet Parker
Dept of Allied Health Professions, London South Bank University
February 9, 2015

This edited text covers so much it is breathtaking. As a resource for anyone working with 'people' it is invaluable. My theatre colleagues have just returned it to me!!

Mr Timothy Wallis
Health, University Campus Oldham
December 19, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter One: An Historical Overview