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Diversity and Cultural Awareness in Nursing Practice

Diversity and Cultural Awareness in Nursing Practice

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November 2019 | Learning Matters
As a nurse responsible for providing person-centred care it is vital that you understand how culture and diversity affect patients’ experience of health care. Ensuring that you are able to communicate effectively with people from across the social spectrum and tailor your nursing practice to the needs of the individual is not simple but this book will provide you with the knowledge, awareness and skills to do it. Key theory will be carefully explained and then applied to the UK nursing context leaving you better prepared to thrive on your practice placements and in your nursing career.
Chapter 1: Diversity, health inequalities and nursing care
Chapter 2: Diversity, culture and concepts of health
Chapter 3: Communication and health literacy
Chapter 4: Cultural competency
Chapter 5: Assessing the needs of diverse patients
Chapter 6: Migration and health
Chapter 7: Spirituality, death, grief and loss
Chapter 8: Public health: Meeting diverse people’s needs
Chapter 9: Mental distress: disability and diversity

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