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Diversity and Cultural Awareness in Nursing Practice

Diversity and Cultural Awareness in Nursing Practice

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January 2020 | 216 pages | Learning Matters

As a nurse responsible for providing person-centred care it is vital that you understand how culture and diversity affect patients’ experience of health care. This book provides you with the knowledge, awareness and skills needed to successfully support, communicate and work with, individuals and families from a diverse range of backgrounds, religions, cultures, ethnicities and disabilities as well as from the LGBTQ community. Ensuring that you are able to work effectively as a nurse with people from across the social spectrum and tailor your nursing practice to the needs of the individual. Key theory will be carefully explained and then applied to the UK nursing context, and all content is up to date with the latest NMC standards, leaving you better prepared to thrive on your practice placements and in your nursing career.

Chapter 1: Diversity, health inequality and nursing
Chapter 2: Diversity and cultural concepts of health
Chapter 3: Diversity, communication and health literacy
Chapter 4: Cultural competency
Chapter 5: Assessing the needs of diverse patients
Chapter 6: Spirituality, death, grief and loss
Chapter 7: Public health: meeting the needs of diverse communities
Chapter 8: Mental distress and cultural diversity

Assists with Module learning.

Dr Alison Wadey
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, York St John University
December 14, 2022

A timely, well referenced and insightful resource that I have been able to use in a number of my modules at pre and post registration and in academic research that I have been writing as well

Ms Fiona Justine Meth
School of Healthcare, Leeds University
September 20, 2022

Excellent book which addresses key issues

Mrs Su Everett
Nursing and Midwifery, Middlesex University
March 25, 2021

Clear comprehensive book with case studies that can be used as teaching aids

Ms Vickie Glass
Department of Health & Human Sciences, Essex University
February 11, 2020

This is a much needed excellent resource for students that raises cultural awareness in nursing

Mr Rohit Sagoo
Health & Social Care (Cambridge), Anglia Ruskin University
January 20, 2020