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DIY, Alternative Cultures & Society

DIY, Alternative Cultures & Society

eISSN: 27538702 | ISSN: 27538702 | Current volume: 2 | Current issue: 1 Frequency: 3 Times/Year
DIY, Alternatives Cultures, & Society is the first academic journal dedicated to the theme of DIY (do-it-yourself) and alternative cultures. As such, it is our vision that the journal will quickly establish itself as the global forum for robust scholarship from researchers across the world focusing on this rapidly expanding and evolving topic. Currently research on DIY and alternative culture related themes is published in a disparate range of journals.

DIY, Alternative Cultures and Society is the first academic journal dedicated to the theme of DIY (do-it-yourself) and alternative cultures. It is a fully peer reviewed international journal that publishes original research and review articles focusing on all aspects of DIY and alternative cultural practice and consumption in a global context. The journal caters to a rapidly growing demand from an international community of scholars whose work focuses on a broad range of DIY cultural practices.

DIY, Alternative Cultures and Society is a strongly multidisciplinary journal. We welcome articles from the global community of scholars working on all aspects of DIY and alternative cultures (economies) in a broad range of academic fields, including, but not limited to: (cultural) sociology, (social) anthropology, urban and rural studies, (social) history, economics, (social, cultural and critical) geography, psychology, cultural studies, media studies, law, politics, (cultural) criminology, languages and linguistics, art and design, fashion studies, film studies, musicology and ethnomusicology, radio and journalism studies, fine arts, sound studies and popular music studies.

The journal also welcomes articles drawing on a wide range of conceptual approaches, including (but again not limited to) (post)structuralism, functionalism, social constructionism, conflict theory, behaviorism, homology, semiotics, symbolic interactionism, hermeneutics, ethnomethodology, phenomenology, critical theory, post-colonial theory and postmodernism. The journal also has a strong focus on empirically informed work, featuring articles based on the various social science methodologies ranging across quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods analysis: such methods will include (but again are not limited to), ethnography and virtual ethnography, archival research, visual analysis, textual analysis, social network analysis, multi-correspondence analysis, multiple regression analysis, diachronic and synchronic analysis, discourse analysis, and linguistic analysis.

The journal is keen to encourage submissions from both established and emerging scholars.

Topic coverage includes (but is not limited to):

· Theoretical and methodological perspectives on DIY

· Work, entrepreneurship and the market in DIY cultures

· Creativity, entrepreneurship and cultural resistance

· DIY lifestyles and alternative careers

· Gender, sexuality and DIY cultures

· Archives, documentation, pedagogy and heritage

· Cities, transformation, activism and intervention

· Regional and rural articulations of DIY and alternative cultures

· Alternative pedagogies and artistic education

· DIY cultures and global challenges

· Hybridism and glocalization

· DIY cultures, migrations and mobilities

· Postcolonial identities and geographies

· Social innovation, creativity, DIY and social inclusion

· DIY culture, space and place

· Aesthetics, bodies and affections

· Audiences, markets and DIY culture

· DIY cultures, health and well-being

· Historical studies of DIY and alternative cultures

· DIY, alternative cultures and dystopias

· Youth and DIY cultures

· DIY, ageing and generation

· Technologies of production in DIY and alternative cultures

· Local, trans-local and digital connectivity in DIY scenes

· Documentary and film narratives of DIY

· DIY, spatial justice and new ways of living

· DIY cultures, sustainability and artistic ecosystems

Andy Bennett Griffith University, Australia
Paula Guerra University of Porto, Portugal
Associate Editors
Constance DeVereaux University of Connecticut, USA
Tatiana Moura University of Coimbra, Portugal
Anthony Fung Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Vi Grunvald Rio Grande do Sul Federal University, Brazil
Will Straw McGill University, Canada
Catherine Strong RMIT University, Australia
Matthew Worley University of Reading, UK
Social Media Editors
Devpriya Chakravarty Griffith University, Australia
Sofia Sousa University of Porto, Portugal
Editorial Board
Airi-Alina Alaste TLU School of Governance, Law and Society, Estonia
Gina Arnold Stanford University, USA
Samantha Bennett Australian National University, Australia
Pauwke Berkers Erasmus University, Netherlands
Maria Claudia Bonadio Federal University of Juiz de For a, Brazil
Amina Boubia Rabat University, Morocco
João Paulo Dias University of Coimbra - Centre for Social Studies, Portugal
Asya Draganova Birmingham City University, UK
Carles Feixa Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
Mary Fogarty York University, Canada
Ben Green Griffith University, Australia
Ross Haenfler Grinnell College, USA
Anthony Kwame Harrison Virginia Tech, USA
Päivi Honkatukia University of Tampere, Finland
Pierig Humeau Limoges University, France
Miaoju Jian National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
Mads Krogh Aarhus University, Denmark
Jennifer Lena Columbia University, USA
William Ofentse Lesitaokana University of Botswana, Botswana
Michael MacDonald MacEwan University, Canada
José Machado Pais University of Lisbon, Portugal
George McKay University of East Anglia, UK
Elena Omelchenko University of St Petersburg, Russia
Manisha Pathak-Shelat MICA, India
Rosa Reitsamer University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria
Mykaell Riley University of Westminster, UK
Jessica Schwartz UCLA, USA
Hyunjoon Shin Sungkonghoe University, South Korea
Geoff Stahl Wellington University, New Zealand
Steve Threadgold University of Newcastle, Australia
Laura Tommaso University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy
Ash Watson UNSW, Australia
Patrick Williams National University of Singapore, Singapore
Yiri Yin Beijing Normal University, China
Book Review Editors
Robin Kuchar Leuphana University, Germany
Ana Oliveira Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

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