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Doing Business in Europe

Doing Business in Europe

Third Edition
  • Gabriele Suder - Federation University, Australia
  • Johan Lindeque - University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, University of Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands
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September 2018 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The new third edition provides readers with the fundamental theories and concepts for understanding how business is done in Europe, linking it to the current European business environment through a range of up-to-date case studies and examples.

Revised and updated to include recent changes in the economic and political climate of Europe, and thematic perspectives on key contemporary European challenges, the authors also bring into consideration non-EU Business in the EU as well as the way Brexit is likely to affect businesses.

Also new to this edition:

  • Examples and cases from a wider range of European member states, including Tesla, Airbnb, Ryanair, Belgian AB InBev’s acquisition of British SABMiller, and the expansion of Alibaba Group in Europe.
  • Enhanced material on business in EFTA and CEFTA areas.
  • Analysis of the effects digitalisation, business analytics and Artificial Intelligence have on business in Europe.
  • Coverage of the challenges and opportunities stemming from migration and the refugee crisis.
  • A specific focus on the gig and shared economy.
  • An investigation into how sustainability and climate change agreements impact on business.

The book is supported by online resources for lecturers and students, including an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint Slides, multiple choice questions, class-based role play instruction guides, chapter summaries, and links to relevant videos and podcasts.

Suitable reading for students on European business modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Chapter 1: Introduction: The New European Business Environment
Part I: Exploring The European Business Arena
Chapter 2: Landmarks of European Integration: How History and Politics Shape the Business Environment
Chapter 3: Enlargement and the Theories of Integration
Chapter 4: Institutional Players: How the Rules and Agendas of the European Business Environment Are Set
Part II: Business Europeanization
Chapter 5: The Europeanization of a Business Environment
Chapter 6: The Europeanization of Business Management
Part III: Business Activity Functions in the European Environment
Chapter 7: European Economics, Finance and Funding
Chapter 8: Marketing in Europe
Chapter 9: European Non-Market Strategy: Lobbying the Playing Field
Chapter 10: Competing Internationally
Part IV: Corporate Cases
Chapter 11: The Expansion of Alibaba Group into the European Single Market
Chapter 12: Airbnb: Disruption in an Increasingly Competitive European Marketplace
Chapter 13: A Match Made in (Eco)Heaven: How Tesla Became Norway's #1 Selling Vehicle
Chapter 14: The Irish Corporate Tax Bubble Close to Bursting: Apple and Pfizer
Chapter 15: Ryanair: European Free Flight Plans?
Chapter 16: Managing Emerging Market Acquisitions in Europe: Integrating the Acquisition of the German Preh GmbH by the Chinese Joyson Group
Chapter 17: CSR in Europe: How to Keep the Family-Owned Enterprise Humming for a Thriving Economy
Chapter 18: Internationalization of Lukoil: A Russian Push and Pull Strategy in Europe


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 For Lecturers:

  • Instructor's manual
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Detailed role-play instruction guides

For Students

  • Further reading suggestions
  • Links to online videos and podcasts
  • Chapter summaries
  • Web links to European institutions and associations

This new edition of Doing Business in Europe addresses head-on many of the most pressing issues for the international economy – the big questions of regional integration both within the European Union and between the EU and the rest of the world. It does so from a sound basis in international business theory and, using invaluable case illustrations, shows how the firm level, country and regional levels interact to create the region-specific multi-country advantages that lie at the heart of the desire for integration. Against this backdrop, it explains the stresses and strains that are all-too-apparent today, such as the disruptive effects of Brexit, pluri-lateralism, participation in Global Value Chains and the future of the Single Market and its payment, taxation and funding mechanisms.

Jeremy Clegg
Professor of European Integration and International Business Management, Leeds University Business School

This resourceful hands-on business strategy book is the essential guide to doing business in, with and across Europe. It covers all the most relevant business issues: ranging from e-Privacy and PSD2 to artificial intelligence in European Marketing, from Horizon 2020 to FP9, from HR policies and refugee effects, to Brexit and its impact on the future of trade and investment across the continent and beyond. The concepts are clear and actionable, the case studies are most illustrative – challenging the reader to explore and understand how to effectively shape and drive cross-border market expansion in Europe. Read and study this book: Learn from the best.

Candace Johnson
CEO and Chairman of the board, Succès Europe SA

These are very useful textbooks to improve understanding of students on the pros and cons of doing business in Europe.

Dr Keshab Bhattarai
Hull University Business School, Hull University
January 31, 2019