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Doing Qualitative Research Using QSR NUD*IST

Doing Qualitative Research Using QSR NUD*IST

September 1998 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is the first practical guide to using QSR NUD.IST - the leading software package for development, support and management of qualitative data analysis projects.

The book takes a user's perspective and presents the software as a set of tools for approaching a range of research issues and projects that the researcher may encounter. It starts by introducing and explaining what the software is intended to do and the different types of problems that it can be applied to. It then covers the key stages in carrying out qualitative data analysis, including strategies for setting up a project in QSR NUD.IST, and how to explore the data through coding, indexing and searching. There are practical exercises throughout to illustrate the strategies and techniques discussed.

QSR NUD·IST 4 is distributed by Scolari, SAGE Publications Software.

Introducting QSR NUD.IST Version 4
A Guided Tour of What's Inside N4
Setting up a N4 Project
Preparing Documents
Setting Up the Document System
Reflecting on Documents
Exploring Data
Categorizing and Coding

Linking Categories with Data

Crafting the Index System
Interactive Browsing
Searching Text
Searching the Index System
Asking Questions about Coding

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