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Doing & Writing Qualitative Research

Doing & Writing Qualitative Research

Third Edition

May 2016 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With a strong focus on using less traditional forms of data, Doing & Writing Qualitative Research provides a new perspective on issues such as the role of the researcher and the impact they have on data, and also considers the impact of social, cultural, and political complexities across a range of disciplines.

Approachable and logically structured, the new Third Edition expertly sets out the many roles of writing in research. From the more theoretical subjects (e.g. research strategies, data types, and writing styles) to the nitty gritty practicalities (e.g. conventions, taking notes, and writing questions), each chapter covers many common concerns writers face when attempting to transform complex data and real world research experiences into textual products.

With fully updated examples and case studies as well as a strong focus on using less traditional forms of data like photographs, personal narrative, and creative non-fiction, Doing & Writing Qualitative Research introduces students to modern opportunities in data collection and sourcing that adds depth to their research.

Find out how to:

- Establish and construct research questions, frameworks, and paradigms

- Engage with different styles and media of data

- Present ideas clearly and persuasively

- Approach sensitive issues of identity and avoid reductive judgements

- Discover your individual writing voice

Through its accessible advice and its exploration of social, cultural, and political complexities across disciplines, this book is appropriate for both novices and more experienced researchers and forms an essential tool for students engaging in qualitative research across a variety of fields.

Approaching qualitative research
Starting out
Showing the workings
What counts as data
Writing about data
Writer voice
Writing about relations
Making appropriate claims

This new edition of Doing and Writing Qualitative Research  puts the richness of research accounts at its centre and pushes the boundaries of understanding naturalistic studies to address the personal and disciplinary challenge of fieldwork explanation.  At all times Holliday is in search of meaning through intimate research worlds and invites the reader into live research encounters to critically assess reflexivity as experienced in the field and through writing.

 Holliday is aware of the acute need to explain with purpose and sensitivity the value, insight and complexity required when studying human interactions.  Through diverse forms of data collection, analysis and theory we are taken on methodological journey that is both a practical fieldwork guide but also offers a new contribution towards an understanding of researcher positionality at an interdisciplinary level.   

Professor Shane Blackman
Professor of Cultural Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University

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Ms Beverly Shideler
History, Five Towns College
July 6, 2017

As qualitative research features highly within the midwifery profession this book guides students through the process of adopting qualitative research. This would be recommended for 3rd-year midwifery students. Good book and good feed back from the students.

Mrs Dana Marie Colbourne
Midwifery & Child, Bournemouth University
April 29, 2016

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