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Drugs and Drug Policy

Drugs and Drug Policy
The Control of Consciousness Alteration

Third Edition

February 2021 | 688 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This engaging and thoroughly updated text provides a cross-national perspective on the use and regulation of both legal and illegal drugs. It examines and critiques drug policies in the United States and abroad in terms of their scope, goals, and effectiveness. Authors Clayton J. Mosher and Scott Akins also discuss the physiological, psychological, and behavioral effects of legal and illicit drugs; the patterns and correlates of use; theories of the causes of drug use; and the policies that govern that usage.

Features and Benefits
  • Thoroughly reviews use of and regulation policies of both illegal and legal drugs, including the use of energy drinks and muscle enhancers like steroids and human growth hormones.
  • Very up to date statistics and discussions of emerging trends and policies.
  • Provides more coverage of drug policy issues than comparable books with particular attention to contrasting policies in countries around the world.
  • Coverage of drug "epidemics" for new legal and illegal drugs not found in other books on drugs.
1. Drug Controversies and Demonization
2. Theories of Drug Use
3. The Effects of Drugs: Part I
4. The Effects of Drugs: Part II
5. Patterns of Illegal Drug Use
6. Patterns of Legal Drug Use
7. Drug Prevention Programs
8. Drug Treatment
9. Policies Regulating Legal Drugs, Part I: Alcohol and Tobacco
10. Policies Regulating Legal Drugs, Part II: Prescription and Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Herbal Supplements
11. Policies Regulating Illegal Drugs
12. Drug Policies in Other Countries and U.S. Influence

What this book does effectively is it develops the historical understanding of where we are today with drug policy.

John Boman
Bowling Green State University

The textbook is perhaps one of the most comprehensive resources on drugs and drug policies, with a broad and in-depth range of controversy, psychotropic effects, prevention and treatment efforts, and theory.

The content of each chapter is excellent and robust.

Manuel F. Zamora
Angelo State University

This book is written in a way that draws students. 

This book is an amazing comparison and history of drugs that excludes the governmental propaganda and its bogus studies that the government puts out to scare the American population against drug use while showing the real reasons that the government wanted to keep these drugs illegal and now unmarketable to the general population because of the psychological effects. 

Vicki Lindsay
Troy University

This is the textbook that we should begin using with students in our Narcotics and Dangerous Substances classes, because it is thorough and easy for students to read. 
This textbook was the best that I have read dealing with Drug Use, Abuse and Legislation/Policies. The textbook was comprehensive and easy to read. I truly enjoyed it.

Selena M. Respass
Miami Dade College

This book has helped me a lot in preparing and planning my addiction lectures, mainly the prescribed drugs one. It's a good book and I've included it in the reading list. Thank you for supplying it.

Dr Joana Almeida
Health & Social Sciences (Aylesbury), Bedfordshire University
May 1, 2022

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