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Dynamics of Writing

Dynamics of Writing
An Exercise Guide

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February 2018 | 96 pages | CQ Press

Dynamics of Writing: An Exercise Guide gives students multiple opportunities to practice their writing skills in-class or as take-home assignments. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the newswriting process and offers short-answer, multiple-choice, and writing-prompt activities to help students master the concepts and skills presented in Vincent F. Filak’s comprehensive book. Additional exercises built around the unique demands of online newswriting will prepare students to meet the demands of a changing media landscape.   

Key Features:

  • “Writing Exercises” enable students to recall & demonstrate their understanding of various elements found in each chapter in Dynamics of News Writing and Reporting.
  • “Practice Writing” exercises empower students to apply their knowledge in a safe, in-class environment.
  • “Live-Action Exercises” encourage students to expand their knowledge and experience through out-of-class reporting and writing opportunities.

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Chapter 1. Audience-Centric Journalism
Chapter 2. Critical Thinking
Chapter 3. Basics of Writing
Chapter 4. Expanded News Writing
Chapter 5. Social Media
Chapter 6. Interviewing
Chapter 7. Basic Reporting: News That Finds You
Chapter 8. Beyond Basic Reporting: News You Have to Find
Chapter 9. Broadcast-Style Writing and Voicing
Chapter 10. Collecting Audio and Visuals in the Field
Chapter 11. Editing Audio and Video
Chapter 12. Law and the Media
Chapter 13. Ethics
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