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Ecology and the Politics of Survival

Ecology and the Politics of Survival
Conflicts Over Natural Resources in India

First Edition
  • Vandana Shiva - Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, New Delhi, India

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Ecological Studies

August 1991 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This is a topical analysis of ecology movements in contemporary society and the conflicts generated over vital natural resources. The focus is on the social contradictions emerging in India in the wake of these conflicts and the author takes a Third World perspective to discuss the way in which ecology movements have questioned the dominant concepts of economic development.
Ecology Movements and Conflicts Over Natural Resources  
Forest Ecology and Forest Conflicts
The Survival Economy and Forest Conflicts
The Chipko Movement
Afforestation Programmes and Land Use Conflicts
Wasteland Development and Conflict Over Commons
Conflicts Over River Waters
Large Dams and Conflicts in the Krishna Basin
Water Scarcity and People's Alternatives
Mining and Water Conflicts
Fisheries and Conflicts at Sea
Towards Sustainability with Justice  

`A pathbreaking study, it examines the way ecology movements in the Third World have questioned the validity of the dominant concepts and indicators of economic development.' - Productivity

`This book is a major work of its kind and is of invaluable help in understanding India's and the Third World's predicament. The author's plea for a change in our strategy for development comes through loud and clear.' - The Hindu

`This book looks at ecology movements from a Third World perspective, the first of its kind.' - Pakistan Development Review

`The observations are timely amd worthy of wider debate.' - The Economic Times

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