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Economic Geographies

Economic Geographies
Circuits, Flows and Spaces

January 2005 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'The social and political power of the verity that there are no such things as economies, only economic geographies demands an analysis of the complex flows and relations implied by it. At last, here is a book – the book - which addresses the questions central to the critical understanding of economies and their formative geographies. This is a highly creative and transformative contribution'

Roger Lee, Professor of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London

How do we conceptualise the production and re-production of social life? What are the most appropriate ways to conceptualise capitalist economies and their geographies? Economic Geographies integrates ideas of structure, agency, and practice to provide:

· a detailed overview of recent key debates in economic geography: from political-economy and Marxism to post-structuralism

· an explanation of the of relations between production, retail and consumption, governance and regulation

· a discussion of the economy in terms of circuits, flows, and spaces that systematically relates the material to the cultural

Economic Geographies is a systematic audit of related developments in economic geography and the social sciences: these include consumption; economy and nature; and culture.

The text will be required reading for upper-level undergraduates on courses in economic geography.

Conceptualising Economies and Their Geographies
Flows of Value, Circuits of Capital and Social Reproduction
Flows of Materials, Transformations of Nature
Flows of Knowledge, Circuits of Meaning
Flows of People
Spaces of Regulation and Governance
Spaces of Production
Spaces of Sale
Spaces of Consumption, Meaning and Identities
From Spaces of Pollution and Waste to Sustainable Spaces?

"Economic Geographies certainly reflects the diversity of contemporary economic geography and offers an integrated treatment of key debates and lines of inquiry in the discipline. As such, it provides another valuable road map for undergraduate students and researchers with an interest in the nature and scope of economic geography. It therefore complements the existing selection of readers and handbooks in this field."

Andrew Currah
University of Oxford

"This book provides a detailed overview of recent key debates in economic geography, from political-economy and Marxism to post-structuralism, an explanation of hte relations between production, exchange and sale and consumption, governance and regulation, and a discussion of hte economy in terms of circuits, flows and spaces that systematically relates the material to the cultura. It is also a systematic audit and synthesis of related developments in economic geography and nature and culture."

Indiana University

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