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Education Studies Reflective Reader

Education Studies Reflective Reader

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Education Studies

June 2010 | 192 pages | Learning Matters
This text looks at key themes and topical debates within Education Studies, using a number of important extracts and writings to exemplify different perspectives and help students gain deeper understanding. Extracts and writings are presented in an accessible way, helping the reader to develop critical skills while dealing with core content. Topics are organised into three major themes - Theorising education, Education and social justice and Education in the 21st century - to provide comprehensive coverage of the most important current issues within this field.
Section 1: Theorising Education
The learner
The teacher
Curriculum and assessment
Researching education
Section 2: Education and Social Justice
Social-economic class
Ethnicity, race and culture
Special educational needs and inclusive education
Section 3: Learning in the twenty-first century
Education and globalisation
Learning in the digital age
Education outside of formal schooling


Mrs Tracey Dobbs
School of Care, Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone
June 26, 2015

This text is a good overview for L 4 students.

Dr Nic Lightfoot
Education, Sheffield Hallam Univ.
July 4, 2014

Good extracts for discussion in seminars, less of an independent read for 1st years.

Ms Sarah Earle
Department of Primary Education, Bath Spa University
November 4, 2013

A really good initial text that introduces students to some key concepts of Ed Studies programmes

Mrs Karen Griffiths
Education , Manchester Metropolitan Univ (Crewe)
March 27, 2013

This book is excellent for discussing key themes and debates in education. The section on Education in the 21st Century is particularly relevant for our moduules. The text is probably more appropriate for level 5 rather than level 4 and we will therefore place it on the recommended reading list for the undergraduates in year 2 in Sept 2013.

Education , Canterbury Christ Church University
December 18, 2012

This text was part of the essential reading list I gave for a first year module called Curriculum Design on a BSc Education programme. As part of that module students consider issues around designing an appropriate curriculum and hence students were given chapter 3 as essential reading in particular in order to get them thinking about curriculum and assessment. This text is written in a very student friendly way and hence was very good as a text for this particular module and level of students. There are several other chapters which have relevance to other areas of education and hence tutors may wish to review this text to see if it could be used as a programme text or as a book for students to read prior to arriving on an education programme.

Dr Julie Price
School of Education, Southampton University
July 30, 2012

Excellent research book especially for those whom are already studying sociology.

Miss June Fairclough
NEET, Darlington College
June 30, 2012

This book certainly generates reflection! The themes are well written and give a good balance of information and things to think more about - extended by the recommendations too at the end of each chapter.
Key chapters for our modules are those in Theme two, particularly Ch 8 on inclusion where all the main ideas are gathered in readiness for interested students to, from an informed basis step off to find out more.

Mrs Sheena Smart
School of Education, Brighton University
May 9, 2012

A good supplementary text for Education Studies programmes. It has been recommended to both students and the library.

Mrs Jennifer Marshall
School of Education, Derby University
March 29, 2012

A very accessible and useful reflective reader. Attractive to students because they can focus on specific educational issues. Valuable to me as a tutor because I can direct focussed reading to be used critically in later sessions.

Ms Janet Monahan
School of Education, Hertfordshire University
February 23, 2012

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