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Effective Training

Effective Training
Systems, Strategies, and Practices

Seventh Edition

January 2024 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Effective Training: Systems, Strategies, and Practices is unique in its integration of theory with effective and practical training applications. Authors P. Nick Blanchard, James W. Thacker, and Dana Cosby examine the relationship between change management and training, introduce the ADDIE model as an overarching framework for the training process, and consider perspectives relevant to small businesses. Additionally, this text provides a step-by-step process for developing learning objectives and highlights the importance of integrating both learning and design theories in creating successful training programs.

The Seventh Edition adds new material while enhancing the ease of reading and understanding. The end of each relevant chapter (needs analysis, design, development and implementation, and evaluation) features an example of the process of developing an actual training program (Fabrics, Inc.). At the end of each chapter are discussion questions, cases, and exercises to enhance understanding.

1 Training in Organizations
The ADDIE Model

Alternative Training Process Models

So What To Use ADDIE Or SAM

Important Concepts And Meanings

Key Issues For Training

A Career In Training

Focus On Small Business

2 Aligning Training With Strategy
Strategic Planning

Factors Of Concern To Organizations

Change Management

Putting It All Together

Focus On Small Business

3 Learning, Motivation, and Performance
A Few Words About Theory

Understanding Motivation And Performance

Understanding Learning

Social Learning Theory

Aligning Training Design With Learning Process

Motivation To Learn

Training That Motivates Adults To Learn

4 Needs Analysis
Why Conduct A Training Needs Analysis?

A Few Words About Worldwide Technologies

When To Conduct A TNA

The TNA Model

Where To Look For The Trigger (Pg)

How To Conduct A TNA

Rapid Needs Analysis

Output Of TNA

Approaches To TNA

Focus On Small Business

TNA And Design

TNA And Evaluation


5 Training Design
A Word About Worldwide Technologies

Organizational Constraints

Developing Objectives

Why Use Training Objectives?

Facilitation Of Learning: Focus On The Trainee

Facilitation Of Learning: Focus On Training Design

Facilitation Of Transfer: Focus On Training

Facilitation Of Transfer: Focus On Organizational Intervention

Focus On Small Business

Outcomes Of Design


6 Traditional Training Methods
Lectures And Demonstrations

Games And Simulations

Putting It All Together

Blended Learning

On-The-Job Training

Matching Methods With Outcomes

Informal Learning

Audiovisual Enhancements To Training

7 Electronic Training Methods
The Learning Technology Ecosystem

Delivery Channel Options

Learning Management Systems

E-Training Delivery Systems

Technology Enhanced Training Process

Strengths And Limitations Of E-Training

Cypersecurity Considerations

8 Development, Implementation, And Transfer Of Training
A Word About Worldwide Technologies

Development Of Training

Instructional Strategy

The Trainer

Overview Of The Implementation Of Training

Implementation Ideas For Training Structure

Implementation Ideas For Trainers

Dry Run

Pilot Program

Transfer Of Training


9 Evaluation Of Training
A Word About Worldwide Technologies

Rationale For Evaluation

Resistance To Training Evaluation

So We Must Evaluate

Types Of Evaluation Data Collected

Focus On Small Business


10. Employee And Management Development
Employee Development

Management Development

Our Approach To Management Development

General Overview Of The Managerial Job

General Characteristics Of Managers

Integration: Strategies And Management Characteristics

Management Development Implications

Sources Of Knowledge/Skill Acquisition

Training For Executive-Level Management

Focus On Small Business

11. Key Areas And The Future Of Organizational Training
Orientation (Onboarding)

Diversity Equity, And Inclusion Training

Sexual Harassment Training

Team Training

Cross-Cultural Training

Other Training Programs And Issues

The Future Of Training And Development



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