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Elementary Teacher Induction Kit (2005/2006)

Elementary Teacher Induction Kit (2005/2006)

December 2005 | Corwin
Updated for 2005!

This collection of key books will help you deal effectively with the challenges of being a teacher.

The Elementary Teacher Induction Kit contains 5 must-have resources filled with great ideas:

Teach More and Discipline Less

Preventing Problem Behaviors in the K-6 Classroom

Drawing on the wisdom of master teachers and her own extensive classroom experience, Reider explains how to empower students while establishing an "invisible" authority in the classroom.

Practical Teaching Methods K-6

Sparking the Flame of Learning

This curricula-based single resource for K-6 educators addresses the best teaching practices and methods available today and provides teachers with real classroom examples.

The New Elementary Teacher's Handbook

Flourishing in Your First Year

Second Edition

This easy-to-read, updated resource empowers new teachers with the tools necessary to succeed and feel prepared, confident, and comfortable.

Quick and Easy Ways to Connect With Students and Their Parents, Grades K-8

Improving Student Achievement Through Parent Involvement

This hands-on guidebook provides simple strategies for creating a supportive environment where parent, student, and teacher all work toward success in the classroom.

Seven Strategies of Highly Effective Readers

Using Cognitive Research to Boost K-8 Achievement

This essential reading instruction teaching tool offers hard evidence to show how effective readers use specific strategies to extract and comprehend information.

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