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Empowering Students as Questioners

Empowering Students as Questioners
Skills, Strategies, and Structures to Realize the Potential of Every Learner

First Edition

April 2021 | 160 pages | Corwin
Create environments where students ask questions, not just answer them!

When students become questioners, learning improves for all. Yet, even though research has repeatedly shown that student questioning increases ownership of learning and narrows opportunity gaps, studies show that students ask less than five percent of the questions in classrooms today.

How do you turn this teacher-centric dynamic around? In this book by bestselling author and education expert Jackie Walsh, the author shifts the focus to student-centric learning and how to develop student questioning strategies, including self-questions, academic questions, exploratory questions, and dialogic questions. Other highlights include:

Vignettes of quality questioning in action in various grade-level and content-area classrooms
Examples of how to use questioning to harness the power of formative assessment and create a culture of inquiry
Student questioning models for distance learning

By instilling students with the desire and ability to become better questioners, teachers will see more actively engaged students, more collaboration, and an increase in overall student motivation for learning and achievement.
Student Questioning—Transforming Learning for All
Teachers as Activators—Committing to Change, Creating the Culture
Self-Questions—Monitoring Learning and Making Meaning
Academic Questions—Clarifying and Deepening Understanding
Exploratory Questions—Expressing Wonderings and Curiosities
Dialogic Questions—Clarifying and Deepening Understanding
The End in Mind: Increased Agency Within and Beyond the Classroom

"Empowering Students as Questioners is the perfect balance of theory and practice. After making a powerful case for the why, Jackie Walsh provides structures and tools for equipping teachers to bring out the inquisitive nature and curiosity that exists within their students. If you have a desire to empower students to engage in meaningful inquiry, reflection, analysis, and discourse, then this is the book for you!"

Jamie Parris, Director of High School Teaching and Learning
Hamilton County Schools, TN

"Asking the right question at the right time is one of the most powerful skills t acquire. It's a nuanced art that can always be refined and augmented.  Whether you are a beginning teacher or a veteran, this book is just what you need to grow your students' confidence and competence as questioners in the classroom. Regardless of the grade or subject matter you teach, Jackie Walsh has written this book for you. She combines practical advice and accessible research to encourage thoughtful questioning that engages learners and adds energy to your classroom."

Sarah Brown Wessling, NBCT 2010 National Teacher of the Year
Johnston High School, IA

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