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Empowering the Oppressed

Empowering the Oppressed
Grassroots Advocacy Movements in India

First Edition

December 2001 | 206 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This book introduces some unique groups in India that have found strikingly effective ways to improve the lot of the poorest of the poor. It tells the stories of leaders who are committed to the empowerment of their oppressed fellow countrymen, and women, who organize and press for their full citizen rights.
L C Jain
Of Pigs and Goats and Human Bondage
Reclaiming the Human Personality
Trunks of the Banyan
In Support of Women

Struggle in the South
Land to the Landless

Power of Knowledge, Power of the Purse
Variations on the Theme
Lessons Learned
Implications for Donors
Concluding Thoughts

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ISBN: 9780761995739