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Encyclopedia of World Poverty

Encyclopedia of World Poverty

First Edition
Three Volume Set
Edited by:

July 2012 | 1 760 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
SAGE Reference is proud to announce the Encyclopedia of World Poverty.

This encyclopedia is a collection of 750 articles in three volumes exploring the causes, history, and enduring effects of poverty.

The scope of this encyclopedia encompasses the relative individual and societal aspects of poverty, from living on GBP486 a year in Nigeria to poverty-relief efforts in Appalacia. Additionally, the Encyclopedia examines the insitituions that focus on the alleviation of poverty, including religious charities and the global organizations such as the United Nations.

This Three-Volume Set contains approximately 150 biographies; 200 profiles of nations and their respective poverty levels and social porgrams; 200 story, event or historical period descriptions; and 200 thematic essays.

The Encyclopedia of World Poverty is an outstanding reference for academic and public libraries and is a welcome addition to any NGOs and charities resource centre.

"Sage's three-volume Encyclopedia of World Poverty (ISBN 1-4129-1807-3. $395), scheduled for release in July, features over 800 A-to-Z articles on every aspect of poverty. Written by a cast of over 100 experts in the field, the work places special emphasis on current vital statistics on poverty, the causes and effects of poverty, organizations dedicated to fighting poverty, and much more. Given that over 1.2 billion people currently live in extreme poverty (i.e., on less than $1 a day), a resource that tackles the issue in such detail makes for an indispensable addition to all libraries."

Mirela Roncevic

"An informative and comprehensive reference with more than 800 alphabetical, signed entries on all aspects of poverty. This encyclopedia offers a wealth of statistics and information that is not readily available elsewhere. The entries have high reading levels and many include complex technical discussions of statistical methods, international banking, and economic theories. A good choice for high school collections."

Mary Mueller
Rolla Junior High School,

"Well designed and indispensable for academic and secondary school reference collections, it is an important aid for public administrators, politicians, and others formulating public policies and analyzing their impact on society."

Caroline Geck
Kean University Library

"The inclusion of Hurrican Katrina (in the "Natural Disasters" article) shows that this resource is truly current. Well designed and indispensable for academic and secondary school reference collections, is an important aid for public administrators, politicians, and others formulating public policies and analyzing their impact on society."

Garoline Geck
Kean University Liberty, Union, NJ

"The encyclopedia itself is quite readable. The topics are presented in an engaging and understated manner that invites browsing and further reading within the volumes. Encyclopedia of World Poverty should be seriously considered by all academic and large public libraries."

Danise Hoover

"Especially interesting are the articles discussing local organizations, intergovernmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations, as well as theories on how gender, race, and age are intertwined with poverty. An additional feature is a set of articles on US presidents' administrations and efforts to protect segments of the population such as veterans and the aged. This thorough effort brings the definition of poverty out of its narrow income content, while also looking at local grassroots efforts such as Heifer Project International. The full-page articles, followed by short bibliographies, are lucidly written and printed in an easy-to-read font size."

H. H. Ives
American University

"Globalization makes the study of world poverty more critical, and though the topic is huge, this encyclopedia does an effective job of distilling it into manageable form. Pulling information together in this way allows researchers to more easily see not only generalities but also how conditions differ in each country."


" . . . It provides an interesting starting point for a vast range of topics. . .  it forces readers to appreciate the breadth of issues, facts, and figures related to poverty around the world. For this alone the publication deserves credit."

John W. McArthur
Earth Institute at Columbia University

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