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Entrepreneurship and Globalization

Entrepreneurship and Globalization

Five Volume Set
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April 2009 | 1 920 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The importance of Entrepreneurship and Globalization is two-fold. Firstly, it draws together earlier literature on SME export development and internationalization from disparate sources into a cohesive body of work, which traces the evolution of our understanding of the topic. Secondly, in the context of the emergence of academic and policy interest in international new ventures, it provides a useful context and backdrop to new theories that are emerging to challenge conventional wisdom. This set of five volumes provides scholars with a sense of where the field has come from and to where it is heading. The volumes have the following themes, Theories of SME Internationalization; Export Development in SMEs; International New Ventures; and the Future of Global Entrepreneurship.
International Activities in Small Firms: Examining factors influencing the internationalization and export growth of small firms

S. Andersson, J. Gabrielsson and L. Wictor
Firm Size, Business Experience and Export Intensity in SMEs: A longitudinal approach to complex relationships

A. Majocchi, E. Bacchicchi and U. Mayrhofer
Export Performance: Do managerial perceptions make a difference

C. Axinn
Managerial Influences on Export Performance: A review of the empirical literature 1978-1988

N-E. Aaby and S.F. Slater
Attitude-behaviour Inconsistency in Exporting

A. Eshghi
Small Businesses and Exporting A Literature Review

K.J. Miesenbock
Export Promotion: The role and impact of government services

R.F.H. Seringhaus
An Experience Curve Explanation of Export Expansion

M.L. Ursic and M.R. Czinkota
On the Relationship Between Firm Size and Export Intensity

A. Bonacorsi
An Attempted Integration of the Literature on the Export Behavior of Firms

W.J. Bilkey
Pre-export Activity: The first step in internationalization

F. Wiedersheim-Paul, H.C. Olson and L.S. Welch
The Adoption of Export as an Innovative Strategy

W.Y. Lee and J.J. Brasch
Export Strategy: Concentration on key markets versus market spreading

N.F. Piercy
Identifying Managerial Influences on Exporting: Past research and future directions

L.C. Leonidou, C.S. Katsikeas and N.F. Piercy
Internal Determinants of Export Marketing Behaviour: An empirical investigation

S.T. Cavusgil and J.R. Nevin
The Determinants of Export Performance: A review of the empirical literature between 1987 and 1997

S. Zhou and S. Stan
Managerial and Firm Influences on Export Behavior

S. Reid
Export Decision-making in Small Firms: The role of organizational learning

W.J. Burpitt and D.A. Rondinelli
An Exploration of the Management Practices and Processes most Closely Associated with High Levels of Export Capability in SMEs

I. Doole, T. Grimes and D. Demack
An Analysis of the Barriers Hindering Small Business Export Development

L.C. Leonidou
The Internationalisation of New High potential U.S. Ventures: Antecedents and outcomes

J. Bloodgood, H.J. Sapienza and J.G. Almeida
Local Resource Mobilization and Internationalization Strategies in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

E. Vatne
Understanding the Role of Export Marketing Assistance: Empirical evidence and research needs

A. Diamantopoulos, B.B. Schlegelmilch and K.Y. Tse
The Mechanism of Internationalization

J. Johanson and J-E. Vahlne
Firm Internationalisation, Transaction Costs and Strategy Choice

S.D. Reid
The Coincidence of Technology and Market Objectives in the Internationalization of New Technology-Based Firms

M. Fontes and R. Coombs
Industry Characteristics and Internationalization Processes in Small Firms

H. Boter and C. Holmquist
Internationalization: Evolution of a concept

L.S. Welch and R. Luostarinen
On the Internationalization Process of Firms: A critical analysis

O. Andersen
The Influence of the Management Team's International Experience on the Internationalization Behaviors of SMEs

R. Reuber and E. Fischer
The Impact of Size on Internationalization

J. Calof
Internationalisation of Small and Medium Sized Technology Based Firms: An exploratory study

N. Karagozoglu and M. Lindell

G.R. Benito and L.S. Welch
Time-span Until Internationalization: Foreign market rntry as a nuilt-in mechanism of innovations

M-J. Oesterle
Internationalization as a Strategy Process

L. Melin
Business Relationship Learning and Commitment in the Internationalization Process

J. Johanson and J-E. Vahlne
Internationalization and the Smaller Firm: A review of contemporary empirical research

N. Coviello and A. McAuley
Growing the Entrepreneurial Firm: Networking for international market development

N. Coviello and H. Munro
The Internationalization Process of Born Globals: A network view

D.D. Sharma and A. Blomstermo
Social Capital, Knowledge and the International Growth of Technology-based New Firms

H. Yli-Renko, E. Autio and V. Tontti
Dynamic Knowledge Related Learning Processes in Internationalizing High-tech SMEs

S. Saarenketo, K. Pumalainen, O. Kuivalaninen and K. Kylaheiko
Relationships and the Internationalization of Finnish Small and Medium Sized Companies

M. Holmlund and S. Kock
The Internationalisation of Small Firms: Personal factors revisited

T.S. Manolova, C.G. Brush, L.F. Edelman and P.G. Greene
Social Capital and its Influence on Changes in Internationalization Mode Among

S. Chetty and H. Agndal
The Internationalization of New and Small Firms: A resource based view

P. Westhead, M. Wright and D. Ucbasaran
Business Networks and Cooperation in International Business Relationships

D. Blankeberg-Holm, K. Eriksson and J. Johanson
The Importance of Networks in Export Promotion: Policy issues

D.E. Welch, L.S. Welch, L.C. Young and I.F. Wilkinson
Toward a Knowledge Based Conceptualization of Internationalization

S. Prasthantham
The Internationalization Process and Networks: A strategic management perspective

D.E. Welch and L.S. Welch
Internet-enabled International Marketing: A small business network perspective

S. Poon and C. Jevons
Internationalization Processes, Networking and Local Embeddedness in Technology Intensive Small Firms

D. Keeble et al
The Founding of the Born Global Company in Denmark and Australia: Sensemaking and networking

E.S. Rasmussen, T-K. Madsen and F. Evangelista
The Internationalization and Performance of SMEs

J.W. Lu and P.W. Beamish
Small International Firms: Typology, performance and implications

A. Aspelund and O. Moen
How New Ventures Exploit Trade-offs among International Risk Factors: Lessons for the accelerated internationalizationof the 21st century

R.C. Shrader, B.M. Oviatt and P.P. McDougall
Effects of Age at Entry, Knowledge Intensity, and Limitability on International Growth

E. Autio, H.J. Sapienza and J.G. Almeida
Internationalization of born global and gradual globalizing firms: the impact of the manager

P.D. Harveston, B.L. Kedia and P.S. Davis
A Global Mindset - a Prerequisite for Successful Internationalization?

N. Nummela, S. Saakenketo and K. Puumalainen
Micromultinationals: New types of firms for the global competitive landscape

P. Dimitratos, J. Johnson, J. Slow and S. Young
Born Globals: How to reach new business space rapidly

M. Gabrielsson and M.V. Kirpalani
The Phenomenon of Early Internationalizing Firms: What do we know after a decade (1993-2003) of scientific inquiry?

A. Rialp, J. Rialp and G.A. Knight
The Internationalization of 'High Performing' UK High-tech SMEs: A study of planned and unplanned strategies

D. Crick and M. Spence
The Internationalization of Born Globals: An evolutionary process?

T.K. Madsen and P. Servais
Explaining the Formation of International New ventures: The limits of theories from international business research

P.P. McDougall, S. Shane and B.M. Oviatt
Innovation, Organizational Capabilities, and the Born-global Firm

G.A. Knight and S.T. Cavusgil
Barriers to Internationalisation: A study of entrepreneurial new ventures in New Zealand

V. Shaw and J. Darroch
The Role of the Internet in the Internationalisation of Small and Medium Sized Companies

S. Loane
Technology Resource Leveraging and the Internationalization of New Ventures

S.A. Zahra, B.P. Matherne and J.M. Caleton
Born-again Global' Firms: An extension to the 'born global' phenomenon

J. Bell, E. McNaughton and S. Young
The Internationalization of Small High-technology Firms

M.V. Jones
Born Global or Gradual Global? Examining the export behavior of SMEs

O. Moen and P. Servais
The Internationalization Process of the Smaller Firm: Re-framing the relationship between market commitment, knowledge and involvement

P.W. Lamb and P.W. Liesch
The Internationalization of Small Computer Software Firms

J. Bell
A Capabilities Perspective on the Effects of Early Internationalization on Firm Survival and Growth

H.J. Sapienza, E. Autio, G. George and S.A. Zahra
Entrepreneur's Relationships for Internationalization: Functions, origins and strategies

S. Harris and C. Wheeler
The Internationalisation of the Firms from an Entrepreneurial Perspective

S. Andersson
Internationalization: Conceptualizing an entrepreneurial process of behavior in time

M.V. Jones and N.E. Coviello
The Survival of International New Ventures

R. Mudambi and S.A. Zahra
The International Entrepreneurial Dynamics of Accelerated Internationalization

J.A. Mathews and I. Zander
Theoretical Foundations of an International Entrepreneurial Culture

P. Dimitratos and E. Plakoyiannaki
Entrepreneurship and Strategy in the International SME

G.A. Knight
Entrepreneurship, Globalization and Public Policy

Z.J. Acs, R.K. Morck and B. Yeung
Ownership and the Internationalization of Small Firms

G. George, J. Wiklund and S.A. Zahra
Firms Degree of Born-globalness, International Entrepreneurial Orientation and Export Performance

O. Kuivalainen, S. Sundqvist and P. Servais
Conceptualising Accelerated Internationalization in the Born Global Firm: A dynamic capabilities perspective

J. Weerawardeba, G. Mort, P.W. Liesch and G. Knight
A Cross-national Study on the Impact of Management Teams on the Rapid Internationalization of Small Firms

S. Loane, J. Bell and R. McNaughton
Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and International Entrepreneurship: A critique and policy implications

M. Wright, P. Westhead and D. Ucbasaran
Toward a Contingency Framework of Export Entrepreneurship: Conceptualisation and empirical evidence

K. Ibeh
International Entrepreneurship: The intersection of two research paths

P.P. McDougall and B.M. Oviatt
The Network Dynamics in International New Ventures

N. Coviello
Networking Capability and International Entrepreneurship - how networks function in Australian born global firms

G. Mort and J. Weerawardena
Towards a Typology of Commitment States among Managers of Norn-global firms: A study of accelerated internationalization

S. Freeman and S.T. Cavusgil

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