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Environmental Security

Environmental Security

Four Volume Set
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November 2014 | 1 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The literature compiled in this four-volume collection explores the real and potential linkages between environmental change and security. Early formulations of environmental security date to antiquity, whilst contemporary formulations of environment-conflict-peace linkages grew in part from the environmental movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The ensuing flood of academic enquiry has been diverse and extensive, and the objective of this major work is to organize this important but polysemous literature in order to provide a comprehensive, historically rich and global overview of its key concepts, findings, contributors and methodologies.

 Volume One: Historical Context: Early Writings on Environment and Security

Volume Two: Environmental Change, National Security and the Conflict Cycle

Volume Three: Rethinking Security in Response to Environmental Change

Volume Four: The Security Implications of Climate Change

Introduction Richard Matthew
Redefining National Security Lester Brown
The War over Water John Cooley
Resource Competition and Human Aggression, Part I: A Review of Primitive War William Durham
Long-term Biological Consequences of Nuclear War Paul Ehrlich et al.
Human Carrying Capacity, Extinctions, and Nature Reserves Paul Ehrlich
Environmental Warfare and Ecocide Richard Falk
The Tragedy of the Commons Garrett Hardin
Security and the Environment: A Preliminary Exploration Johan Holst
Extracts from An Essay on the Principle of Population Thomas Malthus
Environment and Security Norman Myers
International Organizations for Environmental Security Nico Schrijver
Lebensraum: Paradoxically, Population Growth May Eventually End Wars Julian Simon
Arctic Environmental Issues: Prospects for International Cooperation Oran Young
Redefining Security Richard Ullman
The Environmental Component of Comprehensive Security Arthur Westing
Extract from Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development World Commission on Environment and Development
Introduction Richard Matthew
Post-Conflict Peace Building and Natural Resources Carl Bruch et al.
Greed and Grievance in Civil War Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler
From Conflict to Peacebuilding: UNEP’s Role in Environmental Assessment and Recovery David Jensen
Why Environmental Transformation Causes Violence: A Synthesis Günther Baechler
Security, Modernity, Ecology: The Dilemmas of Post-Cold War Security Discourse Simon Dalby
The Case against Linking Environmental Degradation and National Security Daniel Deudney
Ecological Collapse of Past Civilizations Jared Diamond
Armed Conflict and the Environment: A Critique of the Literature Nils Petter Gleditsch
Warfare in Biodiversity Hotspots Thor Hanson et al.
On the Threshold: Environmental Changes as Causes of Acute Conflict Thomas Homer-Dixon
The Ingenuity Gap: Can Poor Countries Adapt to Resource Scarcity? Thomas Homer-Dixon
Population Growth, Environmental Degradation, and State Sponsored Violence: The Case of Kenya, 1991–93 Colin Kahl
The Defense Department Declassifies the Earth-Slowly Richard Kerr
Cargo Cult Science, Armchair Empiricism and the Idea of Violent Conflict Benedikt Korf
The Political Ecology of War: Natural Resources and Armed Conflicts Philippe Le Billion
Is the Environment a National Security Issue? Marc Levy
Redefining Security Jessica Tuchman Mathews
Globalised Images of Environmental Security in Africa Cyril Obi
Minerals, Forests, and Violent Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo John Katunga Murhula
A Southern African Perspective on Transboundary Water Resource Management Anthony Turton
Civil War in Sudan: The Impact of Ecological Degradation Mohamed Suliman
From Conflict to Peacebuilding: The Role of Natural Resources and the Environment United Nations Environment Programme
Conflict, and Cooperation Alexander Carius, Geoffrey Dabelko and Aaron Wolf Water
From Environmental Peacekeeping to Environmental Peacemaking Erika Weinthal
Introduction Richard Matthew
Environmental Peacemaking: Ending Conflict between India and Pakistan on the Siachen Glacier through the Creation of a Transboundary Peace Park Neal Kemkar
Global Environmental Change and Human Security: An Introduction Richard A. Matthew et al.
Peace through Parks: The Environment on the Peace Research Agenda Lothar Brock
Ecoregions, State Sovereignty and Conflict Bruce Byers
Peace in the Anthropocene Simon Dalby
Bringing Nature Back In: Geopolitical Theory from the Greeks to the Global Era Daniel Deudney
Conflict and Cooperation: Making the Case for Environmental Pathways to Peacebuilding in the Great Lakes Region Patricia Kameri-Mbote
The Role of Environmental Degradation in Population Displacement Steve Lonergan
Protected Areas and the Security Community Anne Hammill
Ecological Security and the Need to Reconceptualize Sovereignty Patricia Mische
The Human Dimensions of Environmental Insecurity: Some Insights from South Asia Adil Najam
Are We Missing the Point? Global Environmental Change as an Issue of Human Security Karen O’Brien
Conflicts of Global Ecology: Environmental Activism in a Period of Global Reach Vandana Shiva
The Environmental Security Debate and Its Significance for Climate Change Rita Floyd
Introduction Richard Matthew
Climate Change, Human Well-Being and Insecurity W. Neil Adger
Climate Change Discourse in Peacebuilding Joseph Besigye Bazirake
Does Climate Change Drive Land-Use Conflicts in the Sahel? Tor Benjaminsen et al.
Could Climate Change Precipitate Peace? Erik Gartzke
Climate Change, Exponential Curves, Water Resources, and Unprecedented Threats to Humanity Peter Gleick
Nuclear Famine Ira Helfand
Climate Change and the Global Financial Crisis: A Case of Double Exposure Robin Leichenko, Karen O’Brien and William Solecki
Integrating Climate Change into Peacebuilding Richard  Matthew
?Climate Change and Peacebuilding in the Sahel Tobi Petrocelli, Samantha Newport and Dennis Hamro-Drotz
Don’t Blame the Weather! Climate-Related Natural Disasters and Civil Conflict Rune Slettebak
A Climate of Conflict: The Links between Climate Change, Peace and War Dan Smith and Janani Vivekananda
Climate Wars? Assessing the Claim that Drought Breeds Conflict Ole Magnus Theisen, Helge Holtermann and H. alvard Buhaug
Climate Change and Its Possible Security Implications: Report of the Secretary-General United Nations General Assembly
Global Climate Change, War, and Population Decline in Recent Human History David Zhang et al.
Beyond Disasters: Creating Opportunities for Peace Michael Renner and Zoë Chafe
Climate Change and Inner Peace Paul Wapner

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