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Essential Maths Skills for Exploring Social Data

Essential Maths Skills for Exploring Social Data
A Student's Workbook

  • Rhys Jones - Teaching Fellow in Statistics and Director of the Science Scholar Programme at the University of Auckland., University of Auckland, New Zealand
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March 2020 | 186 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

For students anxious about statistics, this hands-on workbook is packed with clear explanations, real-world examples and practical exercises to gain the necessary maths skills to tackle statistics with confidence. Grounded in a social science context, it features:

·       Clear introductions to symbols and tasks

·       Multiple choice questions and exercises

·       Real world case studies and datasets

·       A glossary of terms

The book offers plenty of opportunities to practice through the accompanying online resources, which also includes datasets and a selection of author videos.

Essential Numeracy
Percentages and Decimal Points
Ratio and Proportions
Introduction to Statistics
Exploring Data and Descriptive Statistics
Observational Studies and Experiments
Polls and Surveys
How will I use Statistics?

I have passed this onto a colleague who I believe will make use of this book. It was too simple for me. I did not realise it was that basic. I know my colleague will enjoy it when I am able to meet up with them again.

Dr Judy Sayers
School of Education, Leeds University
March 11, 2021

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