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Essentials of Mental Health Nursing

Essentials of Mental Health Nursing

Second Edition
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March 2024 | 888 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Are you studying mental health nursing and want a book that covers all you need to know?

Look no further. As it says in the name, this is an essential text for students. Split into 5 parts, this book delves into the context of mental health, key concepts and debates, skills for care and therapeutic approaches, tailoring care to people with specific needs, and transition to practice. 

Updated to include more content from those with lived experience, this new edition also includes:
- Voices of mental health service users and practitioners, giving you a real insight in the field
- Critical thinking stop points and debates, allowing you to develop your wider skills and knowledge
- Case studies to bring the content to life
- Chapter summaries, so you know what the main takeaways are for each chapter
- Further reading and useful websites, allowing you to do your own research

The editors, Karen M. Wright and Mick McKeown come with a wealth of experience in mental health nursing. The variety of contributors also reflect different experiences in different contexts. 
Part A: Context of Mental Health
Mick McKeown, Karen M. Wright, Jonathan Gadsby and Dan Warrender
Chapter 1: The Context and Nature of Mental Health Care in the 21st Century
Steven Pryjmachuk
Chapter 2: Overview of Mental Health Nurse Education and Training
Simon Fletcher and Scott Reeves
Chapter 3: Working with Other Professionals
Julia Terry and Janet Garner
Chapter 4: Meaningful Service User Involvement
Simon Hall And Mandy Reed
Chapter 5: Working With Families and Carers
Peggy Mulongo and John Wainwright
Chapter 6: Championing Equalities and Addressing Vulnerability in Mental Health Care
Joe Forster, Sarah Loughran, Rob MacDonald and Ian Callaghan
Chapter 7: Organisations and Settings for Mental Health Care
Ben Hannigan, Bethan Edwards, Ian Hulatt and Alan Meudell
Chapter 8: The Policy Context for Contemporary Mental Health Care
Bob Sapey
Chapter 9: Madness and the Law
Julie Ridley, Stephanie de la Haye, June Sadd, Karen Newbigging and Karen Machin
Chapter 10: Independent Advocacy in Mental Health Care
Karen M. Wright and Alan Armstrong
Chapter 11: The Ethical Mental Health Nurse
Part B: Key concepts and Debates
David Pilgrim and Mick McKeown
Chapter 12: Sociological Understandings of Mental Health
Richard Bentall and Mick McKeown
Chapter 13: Critical Psychological Ideas and Practices
Tim Thornton
Chapter 14: Philosophical Understanding of Mental Health
Jane Fraser
Chapter 15: A Service User Perspective
Duncan Double
Chapter 16: Psychiatric Understandings of Mental Health
Julian Raffay and Don Bryant
Chapter 17: Spiritual Care: Understanding Service Users, Understanding Ourselves
Rhiannon Corcoran and Rosie Mansfield
Chapter 18: Public Mental Health: Prevention and Promotion
Jennie Day and Mick McKeown
Chapter 19: Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Nurses
Part C: Skills for Care and Therapeutic Approaches
Kevin Acott, Emily Griffin and Harvey Wells
Chapter 20: Wellbeing in Mental Health Care
Karen Machin and Emma Watson
Chapter 21: Recovery-Orientated Practice
Chris Essen and Jane Cahill
Chapter 22: Employment and Recovery in Mental Health Care
Sue Barker and Gemma Emile
Chapter 23: Compassionate Communication in Mental Health Care
Jacquie White, Samantha O’Brien, Megan Beadle and Anthony Ackroyd
Chapter 24: Meeting The Physical Health Needs of Mental Health Service Users
Simon Hall And Mandy Reed
Chapter 25: Therapeutic Engagement For Mental Health Care
Nicki Moone and Steve Trenoweth
Chapter 26: Mental Health Assessment
Michael Kelly, Claudette Kaviya and Oladayo Bifarin
Chapter 27: Care Planning
Michael Coffey, Rachel Cohen and Bethan Edwards
Chapter 28: Mental Health Care Coordination
John Butler and Michael Haslam
Chapter 29: Mental Health Risk Assessment: A Personalised Approach
Owen Price
Chapter 30: Minimising Violence and Related Harms
Sarah Traill and Adam Traill
Chapter 31: Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
Doug MacInnes, Amanda Francis and Annie Jeffrey
Chapter 32: Psychosocial Interventions to Support Carers
Alan Simpson and Susan Henry
Chapter 33: Self-Help and Peer Support in Recovery
Jenelle Clarke, Nick Manning, Gary Winship and Simon Clarke
Chapter 34: Therapeutic Communities, Democracy and the New Recovery Movement
Part D: Tailoring Care to People with Specific Needs
David Pulsford, Michael Smith and Eve Potts
Chapter 35: Dementia: Assessment and Care Approaches
Karen M. Wright and Robert Bond
Chapter 36: Care of People Experiencing Eating Disorders
Rebecca Hall and Sophie Holt
Chapter 37: Children and Young People’s Mental Health Care
Helen Spandler, Dina Poursanidou and Mick McKeown
Chapter 38: Non-Medical Alternatives for Crisis Care
Nick Bohannon, Sumaiyaa Khoda and Gary Lamph
Chapter 39: Primary Mental Health Care
Jayne Breeze, Carol Cooper, Angela Kydd, Suzanne Monks, Julie Skilbeck, James Turner and Eleanor Wilson
Chapter 40: Palliative and End-Of-Life Care in Mental Health Care
Gillian Rayner, Karen M. Wright and Caroline Brown
Chapter 41: Working Compassionately with People who Self-Harm
Part E: Transition to Practice
Mick McKeown, Karen M. Wright and Lynda Carey
Chapter 42: Democratic Leadership for Mental Health Care
Karen M. Wright and Natalie Miles
Chapter 43: Clinical Supervision in Mental Health Nursing
Marie O’Neill and Kevin Moore
Chapter 44: Transferable Skills and Transition: Becoming a Mental Health Nurse and Beyond
Ged McCann, Mick Burns and Ian Callaghan
Chapter 45: Commissioning for Mental Health Services
Karen M. Wright, Mick McKeown and Mike Thomas
Chapter 46: Compassionate Mental Health Care in Times of Uncertainty

This is an excellent contemporary text and a must read for student all mental health nurses and those who are currently practicing in mental health.  Amongst its many strengths are the critical and philosophical perspectives that  provides excellent insights.

Thomas Currid
Director of Student Engagement, Satisfaction and Employability at the University of Essex

Who would have thought the second edition of Essentials of Mental Health Nursing could better the original? Chock full of excellent case studies, infused even more with the voice of those with lived experience, and highly interactive. The book really gets to the nub of what is essential in mental health nursing and will appeal to students and registered nurses alike. Beg, steal, or borrow a copy, you won’t be disappointed!

Patrick Callaghan
Professor of Mental Health Science & Academic Lead at London South Bank University

Very accessible and thoughtful text that conceptualises ,mental health nursing and invites student nurses to explore and examine different perspectives of contemporary mental health care. Excellent contribution from a range of clinical and academic writers.

Mrs Gwenne McIntosh
Faculty of Health Sciences & Sport , Stirling University
June 5, 2024

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