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Ethnography in Context

Ethnography in Context

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Dick Hobbs - London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

February 2011 | 1 528 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Ethnography is an extremely broad church, and the range of methodological stances adopted by ethnographers extends across theoretical, political and technological divides. As a method it is intense and often makes considerable personal demands on the researcher, but as an academic product, the ethnography can be a vivid document with human resonance impossible to recreate by the application of any other methodology.

This collection emphasises something of the range of possibilities by focusing on Ethnography in different settings. Implicit in the text is the very specific problems encountered by ethnographers engaging with these very specific fields.

Volume One: The Urban Condition addresses attempts by ethnographers to describe and understand urban life.

Volume Two: Work covers a range of employment experiences and highlights issues surrounding the ethnographic penetration of the work environment and the cultures that lay hidden within them. Volume Three: Body, Sport and Leisure considers the sociologies of health, sport and the body.

Volume Four: Deviance features the move towards more contemporary forms of transgression in Ethnography itself.

Jelly's Place: An ethnographic memoir

Elijah Anderson
Ethnography and Housing Studies

Adrian Franklin
"People's Lives Are Hanging Here": Low wage workers share their experience of job loss

Amanda Gunn
The Toilet Paper: Femininity, class And mis-recognition

Beverly Skeggs
Inside the Empire: Ethnography of a global citadel in New York

Gregory Smithsimon
Talking City Trouble: Interactional vandalism, social inequality, and the "urban interaction problem"

Mitch Duneier and Harvey Molotoch
Keeping Ethnography Alive in an Urbanizing World

Roger Sanjek
The Asshole

John van Maanen
New Hobos or Neo-Romantic Fantasy? Urban Ethnography beyond the Neoliberal Disconnect

Teresa Gowan
Hospital Ethnography: introduction

Sjaak van der Geest and Kaja Finkler
Habits and Amusements of Costermongers

Henry Mayhew
A Stranger at the Gate: Reflections of the Chicago School of Sociology

Nels Anderson
Police Lying

Peter Manning
Behind Bars: Social Control in Licensed Premises

Phil Hadfield
The Hustler

Ned Polsky
Wine Alley: The Sociology of a Dreadful Enclosure

Sean Damer
A Night in a Taxi-Dance Hall

Paul Cressey
East End Entrepreneurship

Dick Hobbs
Empire of Scrounge: Inside the urban underground

Jeff Ferrell
Being at Home: Space for belonging in a London caff

Suzanne Hall
Work Culture in the Nursing Home: Adaptation and resistance among nursing aides

Nancy Foner
Becoming a Firefighter

Matthew Desmond
Bodies for Rent: Labor and marginality in Southern Louisiana

Rylan Higgins
Working in the Fantasy Factory

Elizabeth Anne Wood
Clinging to Collectivism? Some Ethnographic Shop-Floor Evidence from the British Lock Industry 1979-98

John Black, Annie-Marie Greene and Peter Ackers
The Driver: Adaptations and Identities in the Urban Worlds of Pizza Delivery Employees

Patrick Kinkade and Michael Katovitch
Self for Sale: Notes on the work of Hollywood talent managers

Sasha David
Organisational Time: Temporal demands and the experience of work in restaurant kitchens

Gary Alan Fine
Service and Surveillance: Infrapolitics at Work Among Casino Cocktail Waitresses

Lorraine Bayard de Volo
The Fate of Idealism in Medical School

Howard Becker and Blanche Geer
Teaching Wedding Rules: How bridal workers negotiate control over their customers

Marisa Corrado
Ladies, Flirts, and Tomboys: Strategies for managing sexual harassment in an underground coal mine

Kristen Yount
The Bonus

Peter Bearman
"The Dog You Deserve": Ambivalence in the K-9 officer/patrol dog relationship

Clinton Sanders
Muck and magic: Cultural transformations in the world of farm animal veterinary surgeons

Lindsay Hamilton
Class in Construction: London building workers, dirty work and physical cultures

Darren Thiel
Undressing the researcher: Feminism, Embodiment and Sexuality at a Queer Bathhouse Event

Alison Bain and Catherine Nash
The Mundanity of Excellence: An ethnographic report on stratification and Olympic swimmers

Daniel Chambliss
Looking Good, Feeling Good: The embodied pleasures of vibrant physicality

Lee Monaghan
Pugs at Work: Bodily capital and bodily labor among professional boxers

Loic Waquant
Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese cockfight

Clifford Geertz
'Hard' Women and 'Soft' Women: The social construction of identities among female boxers

Christine Mennesson
The Female Bodybuilder as a Gender Outlaw

Chris Shilling and Tanya Bunsell
'We're Not From Norway': Football and civic pride in Bergen, Norway

Gary Armstrong and Hans Hognestad
Skydiving and the Metaphorical Edge

James Hardie-Bick
American Hegemony, Dominican Resistance and Baseball

Alan Klein
Boyhood, Organized Sports, and the Construction of Masculinities

Michael Messner
The Occupational Culture of the Boxer

S Kirson Weinberg and Henry Arond
Small Groups and Culture Creation: The idioculture of little league baseball teams

Gary Alan Fine
Scotland's Tartan Army in Italy: The case for the carnivalesque

Richard Giulianotti
A Woman's Place is in the Cardiovascular Room: Gender relations, the body and the gym

Shari Dworkin
Sport Ethnography: A personal account

Susan Brownell
"Banana Time": Job satisfaction and informal interaction

Donald Roy
Up it Up: Gender and the accomplishment of street robbery

Jody Miller
One Hundred Dollars and a Dead Man: Ethical decision making in ethnographic fieldwork

Steven Vanderstaay
Thieves, Convicts and the Inmate Culture

John Irwin and Donal Cressey
Becoming a Marihuana User

Howard Becker
Shifts and Oscillations in Deviant Careers: The case of upper-level drug dealers and smugglers

Patricia Adler and Peter Adler
In Search of Masculinity: Violence, respect and sexuality among Puerto Rican crack dealers in East Harlem

Philippe Bourgois
The Madam as Teacher: The training of house prostitutes

Barbara Sherman Heyl
Crack to Heroin: Drug markets and transition

Bruce Jacobs
Alibis and Aliases: Some notes on the 'motives' of fiddling bread salesmen

Jason Ditton
Sociology of Vincent's Place

Carl Klockars
A Successful Female Crack Dealer: Case study of a deviant career

Eloise Dunlap, Bruce Johnson and Ali Manwar
Methods: The Sociologist as Voyeur

Laud Humphreys
Taking Care of Business: The heroin users life on the streets

Edward Preble and John Casey

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