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Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing
Integrated Theory & Strategic Application

  • Rose Leahy - Munster Technological University, Ireland
  • Pio Fenton - Munster Technological University, Ireland
  • Holly Barry - Munster Technological University, Ireland, Barry Group
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January 2022 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

At a time when brand exposure is almost limitless, and ads have become more personalized than ever before, how do brands stand out and still win your attention?

Having previously struggled to assert its credibility theoretically and amongst executives, experiential marketing now forms a core feature of most marketing practices. This book resets the perspective on the experience as an effective means of achieving corporate marketing objectives in a way that is structured, purposeful and measurable.

Featuring over 40 examples from brands such as Netflix, Lego, Coca Cola, Vans, Asics and Sweaty Betty, this book revisits the theory around this type of marketing and shows you how to better integrate experiential marketing with other areas of marketing communications. The implementation model provided will help you develop robust campaigns that support overall marketing objectives and provide clarity on effectiveness to executives through a mechanism called Return on Integrated Experience (ROIE).

Experiential Marketing faces new challenges in a post-Covid era – this book will be the basis for overcoming those challenges and providing opportunities to marketers everywhere.

Rose Leahy is a lecturer and research supervisor in the area of marketing in Munster Technological University, Ireland.

Pio Fenton is Head of Department of Marketing and International Business at Munster Technologicla University, Ireland.

Holly Barry is a Brand Strategist at Barry Group, a leading wholesale distribution company in Cork, Ireland.

Chapter 1: The Experiential Marketing Environment
Chapter 2: Origins of Experiential Marketing
Chapter 3: The Experiential Concept
Chapter 4: Experiences and Relationship Marketing
Chapter 5: Brand Management & Experiential Marketing
Chapter 6: Experiential Marketing & Digital Marketing
Chapter 7: Experiential Marketing Implementation Model
Chapter 8: Integrating Experiential Marketing with the Communications Strategy
Chapter 9: Budgeting for Experiential Marketing
Chapter 10: Measuring the Return of Experiential Marketing
Chapter 11: Critical Success Factors for Experiential Marketing
Chapter 12: Experiential Marketing for the 21st Century

This book fills a large gap for students who need to learn more about experiential marketing. The book is well written and engaging. It challenges the reader to think of realistic ways they can bring experiential marketing to life for their brands and campaigns.

Dr Joyce Costello
Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University
February 18, 2022

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