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Facilitator's Guide to Leading for Diversity Video

Facilitator's Guide to Leading for Diversity Video

32 pages | Corwin
An excellent component for any diversity training workshop, this video companion demonstrates the four key principles for improving ethnic relations in primary and secondary schools, through real classroom footage as well as interviews with school leaders, teachers, and students.

Though directly tied to the research base and content from the core book, the video can easily be used as a stand-alone product for staff development and training on diversity and interethnic relations for administrators and teachers.

I. Introduction
II. Content of the Video
III. Principles for Using the Video
IV. Sample Facilitation Plans
Resource 1: Four Principles for Improving Intergroup Relations
Resource 2: The Iceberg Model of Racial and Ethnic Conflict
Resource 3: Three Planes of Action

For instructors

This book is not available as an inspection copy. For more information contact your local sales representative.