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Family Business

Family Business

Four Volume Set
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November 2014 | 1 752 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd


This new major work answers the growing global need for a resource that captures and presents a comprehensive overview of the literature in the field of family business. The last three decades have witnessed a dramatic increase in research on family businesses, as institutions have increasingly recognized that family businesses represent the most common form of business organization and a large part of the GDP in most countries. Scholars in the field have started to address critical questions such as:

 ·         Why do family firms deserve special research attention?

·         Are family firms really different from other business organizations? If so, how? And, so what?

·         Is there a shared definition of family firms? And, of family in business?

·         Are behavioral and governance issues that need attention in family enterprises any different from other firms?

This four-volume work addresses these key concerns  and provides a rich picture of what we know about family businesses and enterprising families, as well as including critical reflections on major areas and contributions.

Volume One: Scope, Boundaries and Impact of Family Business
Volume Two: The Business Family
Volume Three: The Family Business
Volume Four: Governance and Behavioural Issues in Family Business

Introduction Pramodita Sharma and Leif Melin
Part One: Field of Family Business Studies
Methodological Issues and Considerations in Studying Family Businesses Wendy Handler
The Family Business: Toward Definitional Clarity Reginald Litz
Family Firm Research: The Need for a Methodological Rethink Paul Westhead and Marc Cowling
Defining the Family Business by Behavior Jess Chua, James Chrisman and Pramodita Sharma
The F-PEC Scale of Family Influence: Construction, Validation, and Further Implication for Theory Sabine Klein, Joseph Astrachan and Kosmas Smyrnios
Family-owned Businesses: An Emerging Field of Inquiry Barbara Hollander and Nancy Elman
Theoretical Foundations for Family-owned Businesses: A Conceptual and Research Based Paradigm Max Wortman Jr.
Trends and Directions in the Development of a Strategic Management Theory of the Family Firm James Chrisman, Jess Chua and Pramodita Sharma
The Practice Driven Evolution of Family Business Education Pramodita Sharma, Frank Hoy, Joseph Astrachan and Matti Koiranen
Intellectual Foundations of Current Research in Family Business: An Identification and Review of 25 Most Influential Articles James Chrisman et al.
The Adolescence of Family Firm Research: Taking Stock and Planning for the Future Eric Gedajlovic et al.
Worlds Apart? Re-bridging the Distance between Family Science and Family Business Research Albert James, Jennifer Jennings and Rhonda Breitkruz
The Landscape of Family Business Outcomes: A Summary and Numerical Taxonomy of Dependent Variables Andy Yu et al.
Part Two: Societal and Economic Impact of Family Businesses
Myths and Realities: Family Businesses’ Contribution to the US Economy – A Framework for Assessing Family Business Statistics Melissa Carey Shanker and Joseph Astrachan
The Prevalence of Family Business from a Household Sample Ramona Heck and Elizabeth Trent
Corporate Ownership around the World Rafael LaPorta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes and Andrei Shleifer
Part Three: The Family in Business
The Pervasive Effects of Family on Entrepreneurship: Towards a Family Embeddedness Perspective Howard Aldrich and Jennifer Cliff
Are Family Firms Born or Made? An Exploratory Investigation Jess Chua, James Chrisman and Erick Chang
A Unified Systems Perspective of Family Firm Performance Timothy Habbershon, Mary Williams and Ian MacMillan
Managing Resources: Linking Unique Resources, Management, and Wealth Creation in Family Firms David Sirmon and Michael Hitt
The Role of Family in Family Firms Marianne Bertrand and Antoinette Schoar
The Development of Organizational Social Capital: Attributes of Family Firms Jean-Luc Arregle et al.
Toward a Theory of Familiness: A Social Capital Perspective Allison Pearson, Jon Carr and John Shaw
Family Capital of Family Firms: Bridging Human, Social, and Financial Capital Sharon Danes et al.
Exploring the Concept of Familiness: Introducing Family Firm Identity Thomas Zellweger, Kimberly Eddleston and Franz Kellermanns
Adoptive Expectations: Rising Sons in Japanese Family Firms Vikas Mehrotra et al.
The Impact of Family Dynamics on Structure and Process in Family Foundations Kelin Gersick, Ivan Lansberg and John Davis
A Governance-based Typology of Family Foundations: The Effect of Generation Stage and Governance Structure on Family Philanthropic Activities Razvan Lungeanu and John Ward
Is Nepotism Good or Bad? Types of Nepotism and Implications for Knowledge Management Peter Jaskiewicz et al.
Part Four: Family Members in Business
Spousal Support and Work – Family Balance in Launching a Family Business Clinton Gudmunson et al.
New Venture and Family Business Teams: Understanding Team Formation, Composition, Behaviors, and Performance Leon Schjoedt et al.
Socialization Patterns of Successors in First- to Second-Generation Family Businesses Ercilia Garcia-Alvarez, Jordi López-Sintas and Pilar Saldaña Gonzalvo
Leadership Transfer and the Successor’s Development in the Family Firm Katiuska Cabrera-Suárez
Research on Women in Family Firms: Current Status and Future Directions Rocio Martinez Jimenez
Part Five: Values and Culture
Adaptation, Survival, and Growth of the Family Business: An Integrated Systems Perspective Peter Davis and Douglas Stern
Bivalent Attributes of the Family Firm Renato Taguiri and John Davis
Studying the Family Enterprise Holistically: Evidence for Integrated Family and Business Systems Rodrigo Basco and Maria Pérez-Rodríguez
Sins of the Father’s Firm: Exploring Responses to Inherited Ethical Dilemmas in Family Business Reginald Litz and Nick Turner
Culture and Continuity in Family Firms W. Gibb Dyer Jr.
Part Six: Goals, Strategies, Performance
On the Goals of Successful Family Companies Renato Tagiuri and John Davis
Goal Setting in Family Firms: Goal Diversity, Social Interactions, and Collective Commitment to Family-centered Goals Josip Kotlar and Alfredo De Massis
The Special Role of Strategic Planning for Family Businesses John Ward
A Farewell to the Business: Championing Exit and Continuity in Entrepreneurial Family Firms Carlo Salvato, Francesco Chirico and Pramodita Sharma
Portfolio Entrepreneurship in Family Firms Philipp Sieger et al.
From Longevity of Firms to Transgenerational Entrepreneurship of Families: Introducing Family Entrepreneurial Orientation Thomas Markus Zellweger, Robert Nason and Mattias Nordqvist
Corporate Entrepreneurship in Family Business: Past Contribution and Future Opportunities Alexander McKelvie et al.
Internationalization of Family Firms Zulima Fernández and María Nieto Jesús
Founding-Family Ownership and Firm Performance: Evidence from the S&P 500 Ronald Anderson and David Reeb
Are Family Firms Really Superior Performers? Danny Miller et al.
The Bind that Ties: Socioemotional Wealth Preservation in Family Firms Luis Gomez Mejia et al.
Financial Performance of Family Firms Raphael Amit and Belén Villalonga
Part Seven: Professionalization over Generations
Agency Relationships in Family Firms: Theory and Evidence William Schulze et al.
Corporate Governance and Competitive Advantage in Family-controlled Firms Michael Carney
The Reflexive Dynamics of Institutionalization: The Case of Family Business Leif Melin and Mattias Nordqvist
Governing the Family Enterprise: Practices, Performance, and Research Kelin Gersick and Neus Feliu
Managing Continuity in the Family-owned Business Richard Beckhard and W. Gibb Dyer Jr.
The Succession Conspiracy Ivan Lansberg
Succession in the Family Business: A Review of the Research Wendy Handler
Passing the Baton: The Importance of Sequence, Timing, Technique and Communication in Executive Succession Bruno Dyck et al.
Toward an integrative model of effective FOB succession Isabelle Le Breton-Miller, Danny Miller and Lloyd Steier
Professional Management in Extended Family Business: Toward an Extended Understanding Annika Hall and Mattias Nordqvist
Why Can’t a Family Business Be More Like a Non-Family Business: Modes of Professionalization in Family Firms Alex Stewart and Michael Hitt
Part Eight: Behavioral Issues in Family Business
The Determinants of Executive Compensation in Family-controlled Public Corporations Luis Gomez-Mejia, Martin Larraza-Kintana and Marianna Makri
Faster Route to the CEO Suite: Nepotism or Managerial Proficiency? Carlo Salvato, Alessandro Minichill and Raffaella Piccarreta
Four Bases of Family Business Successor Commitment: Antecedents and Consequences Pramodita Sharma and P. Gregory Irving
Trust and Family Business Lloyd Steier and Miriam Muethel
Conflicts in Family Firms: The Good and the Bad D’Lisa McKee et al.

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