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Feeling and Personhood

Feeling and Personhood
Psychology in Another Key

  • John Heron - South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry, New Zealand, South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry, Auckland

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June 1992 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
John Heron presents a radical new theory of the person in which feeling, differentiated from emotion, becomes the distinctive feature of personhood. The book explores the applications of Heron's ideas to living and learning and includes numerous experiential exercises.

Central to Heron's analysis are interrelationships between four basic psychological modes - affective, imaginal, conceptual and practical. In particular, feeling is seen as the ground and potential from which all other aspects of the psyche emerge - emotion, intuition, imaging of all kinds, reason, discrimination, intention and action. The author also shows the fundamental relation of his ideas to theory and practice in transpersonal psychology and philosophy, and examines the implications of his theory for understanding and enhancing both formal and life learning.

Theory of the person: preliminaries
Theory of the person: overview
States of personhood
The ego
The affective mode: feeling
The affective mode: emotion
The imaginal mode
The psyche and its worlds
A One-Many Reality
Jung, Kolb and Wilber
Life cycles and learning cycles
A brief look at learning
Formal learning cycles
The reality-creating learning cycle

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