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Figuring Out Fluency - Addition and Subtraction With Fractions and Decimals

Figuring Out Fluency - Addition and Subtraction With Fractions and Decimals
A Classroom Companion

February 2022 | 240 pages | Corwin

Because fluency practice is not a worksheet.

Fluency in mathematics is more than adeptly using basic facts or implementing algorithms. It is not about speed or recall. Real fluency is about choosing strategies that are efficient, flexible, lead to accurate solutions, and are appropriate for the given situation. Developing fluency is also a matter of equity and access for all learners. 

The landmark book Figuring Out Fluency in Mathematics Teaching and Learning offered educators the inspiration to develop a deeper understanding of procedural fluency, along with a plethora of pragmatic tools for shifting classrooms toward a fluency approach. Now, teachers have the chance to apply that inspiration through explicit instruction and practice every day with the classroom companion Figuring Out Fluency: Addition and Subtraction with Fractions and Decimals. With this book, teachers can:

  • Dive deeper into the Significant Strategies for fluency explained in the anchor book
  • Learn how these strategies grow from and relate to the basic fact strategies children learn 
  • Access over 100 strategy-aligned and classroom-ready activities for fluency instruction and practice in adding and subtracting fractions and decimals, including worked examples, routines, games, and centers
  • Find activities for assessing all components of addition and subtraction fluency for fractions and decimals, plus support for engaging families 
  • Download all of the needed support tools, game boards, and other resources from the companion website for immediate implementation.

Give each and every student the knowledge and power to become skilled and confident mathematical thinkers and doers.

Module 1 Foundations for Reasoning Strategies
Module 2 Count On/Count Back Strategy
Module 3 Make a Whole Strategy
Module 4 Think Addition Strategy
Module 5 Compensation Strategy
Module 6 Partial Sums and Differences Strategy
Module 7 Standard Algorithms

"Figuring Out Fluency—Addition and Subtraction With Fractions and Decimals is a must-read book to ensure students develop computational fluency through brilliant targeted strategies to help students work with fractions and decimals flexibly. The authors provide clear examples, strategies grounded in research and best practice, and student-centered engaging games to help each and every student develop computational fluency while developing their math identity and agency! The clever games can be used both in class with students and shared with families! As a former middle school mathematics teacher and K–5 coach, I can see that this book is a must-have for all mathematics teachers, interventionists, support staff, and coaches."

Georgina Rivera
Bristol Public Schools, CT

"It can be extremely difficult not to fall back on rules and procedures when trying to navigate fluency with fractions and decimals. Thankfully, Figuring Out Fluency offers a conceptual roadmap that every teacher can turn to as they look to build meaningful fluency in their classroom."

Graham Fletcher
McDonough, GA

"These strategies, routines, games, and centers are the perfect companion pieces to the math instruction I provide in my classroom daily. I appreciate the strategy briefs for families so they can support their child at home. Every teacher needs this book!"

Andrea Fields
Woodrow Wilson Elementary, Manhattan, KS

"This is the resource that the educational world has been wishing and waiting for! This carefully crafted guide tackles mathematical concepts that traditionally leave students confused and teachers frustrated! It will inspire and support educators in their journey to integrate rigorous, high-quality fluency practice."

Allyson Lyman
Emporia Public Schools, Emporia, KS

"This book is a must for all Grade 3–8 teachers who teach fraction and decimal operations. It is chock full of strategies, automaticities, assessments, and activities that are easy to understand and empowering to teach. Students’ confidence will soar when they learn how to use these efficient, flexible, and accurate strategies."

Theresa Wills
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

"This Figuring Out Fluency companion is one of those rare finds that provides activities to implement immediately with students while also embedding professional learning for teachers and coaches. I appreciate the intentional design, specific strategies, and observational tools that focus on sense making and application—two critical components of transfer. The examples of how to assess fluency help educators visualize practices that provide valuable information about student strengths while ensuring students maintain a positive mathematical identity."

Catherine Castillo
Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, MO

"The explicit strategy instruction provided in this book allows access for ALL students in a practical, hands-on approach. So many worked examples, routines, and games to teach and support student reasoning with fraction and decimal operations. This is a go-to for all math educators, coaches, specialists, and interventionists!"

Nichole DeMotte
Atkinson Academy, Atkinson, NH

"This book is such an eye-opener for providing interventions and strategies for students and supporting teachers that I coach. Fluency isn’t about timed tests or “drill and kill” but providing students with rich discourse, games, tasks, routines, and more. I’m so excited to delve into this much-needed resource more."

Tomika R. Altman
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, NC

"A needed addition to mathematics education! This book establishes a broader definition of fluency and emphasizes the importance of helping students develop and use relationships and strategies to solve problems. Bay-Williams, SanGiovanni, Martinie, and Suh outline which major relationships and strategies students need to develop stronger mathematical reasoning!"

Pam Harris
Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

"Oftentimes, fractions and decimals evoke fear in students and also may test a teacher’s confidence with how to teach addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals beyond a rote procedure. This book is a must-have resource filled with activities and resources to foster mathematicians’ flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency. It provides ideas that will help mathematicians have a true understanding and become what it really means to be proficient."

Dawn Jacobs
Lexington School District One, Lexington, SC

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