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Financing Cities in India

Financing Cities in India
Municipal Reforms, Fiscal Accountability and Urban Infrastructure

First Edition

May 2016 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

How is management of municipal finances related to economic growth and productive employment in urban India?

This book identifies Indian municipalities as among the weakest globally in terms of access to resources, revenue-raising capacity and fiscal autonomy. Advocating reforms in these sectors, it discusses the lack of clarity, consistency, adequacy and predictability in municipal taxation, user charging, inter-governmental transfers and development financing as key factors plaguing city finances.

Topical and up-to-date, the book brings out the need to align particular types of revenues to particular categories of expenditure so that services can be delivered in a responsive, transparent and accountable manner

India's Urban Fiscal Problem
A Portfolio of Municipal Taxes
Taxation of Urban Land Value
Reforming the Property Tax
User Charges, Benefit Charges and Fees
Intergovernmental Transfers to Municipalities
Development Financing Instruments
Value Creation, Capture and Recycling
Conclusion: An Agenda for Reforms

P.K. Mohanty’s Financing Cities in India is a timely intervention that seeks to address this growing sense of frustration among citizens living in urban India.

The Hindu,
26 March 2017

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