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Foundations of Educational Thought

Foundations of Educational Thought

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

April 2008 | 1 624 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This landmark study brings together a comprehensive collection of readings on educational thought from antiquity to the present. It includes four volumes and over 100 different selections:

Volume 1: Classic/Early Modern (to 1945)

Volume 2: Modern (1945-1979)

Volume 3/4: Postmodern (1979-present)

From Montaigne to Chomsky, the editor has included articles from some of the western world's most influential educational thinkers alongside authoritative voices from the field to show a full spectrum of ideas about education, its purpose and objectives.

The first volume includes a lead essay by the editor on the nature of educational thought and the social and cultural foundations of education. Each volume also includes its own introduction.

Taken together, the volumes provide an unparalleled resource featuring broad coverage of the subject with historical depth and contemporary relevance. The set will enable students to effectively research their studies and will prove to be an invaluable resource for academics developing their research.

Volume 1: Classic/Early Modern (Antiquity to 1945)
Editor's Introduction: Understanding the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education
Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr
Introduction to Volume 1
Early Modern and Modern (to 1929)

Michel de Montaigne
Of Education
Francis Bacon
Of Custom and Education
Jan Amos Comenius
Selection from The Great Didactic
John Milton
Of Education
Jan Amos Comenius
Selections from the Orbis Pictus Sensualium
John Locke
Selections from Some Thoughts Concerning Education
Daniel Defoe
The Education of Women
Selection from The Spirit of Laws
Benjamin Franklin
Selection from The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Selection from Émile
Thomas Jefferson
Selection from Notes on the State of Virginia
Benjamin Rush
Of the Mode of Education Proper in a Republic
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
Selections from Leonard and Gertrude
Mary Wollstonecraft
On National Education
Johann Friedrich Herbart
On Education
Emma Hart Willard
An Address to the Public; Particularly to the Members of the Legislature of New York, Proposing a Plan for Improving Female Education
Joseph Lancaster
Selection from Improvements in Education, as It Respects the Industrious Classes of the Community
Frederick Froebel
The Education of Human Nature
Horace Mann
Selection from the First Annual Report to the Massachusetts State Board of Education
Horace Mann
Report No. 12 of the Massachusetts School Board
Ralph Waldo Emerson
On Education
National Education Association
Report of the Committee of Ten
John Dewey
My Pedagogic Creed
Charles W. Eliot
The Function of Education in Democratic Society
William James
Psychology and the Art of Teaching
G. Stanley Hall
Child Study and Its Relation to Education
Jane Addams
Educational Methods
Emile Durkheim
On Education and Society
Booker T. Washington
Industrial Education for the Negro
W.E.B. Du Bois
The Talented Tenth
John Dewey
The School and Social Progress
Edward L. Thorndike
The Contribution of Psychology to Education
Maria Montessori
History of Methods
Lewis M. Terman
The Uses of Intelligence Tests
Abraham Flexner
A Modern School
John Dewey
Aims in Education
William Heard Kilpatrick
The Project Method
Antonio Gramsci
The Problem of the School
Alfred North Whitehead
The Aims of Education
Harold Rugg
The American Experimental School
Volume 2: Modern (1932-1979)
Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr
Introduction to Volume 2: Modern (to 1979)
George S. Counts
Selection from Dare the Schools Build a New Social Order
George S. Counts
Albert Einstein
On Education
Mortimer J. Adler
The Crisis in Contemporary Education
Faculty of Teachers College, Columbia University
A Manifesto on Democracy and Education in the Current Crisis
Vannevar Bush
As We May Think
Margaret Mead
The School in American Culture
Robert M. Hutchins
The Tradition of the West
Howard S. Becker
Schools and Systems of Social Status
Milton Friedman
The Role of Government in Education
Erich Fromm
Forward to A.S. Neill's Summerhill
James Baldwin
A Talk to Teachers
Jules Henry
Vulnerability and Education
Philip W. Jackson
Chapter 1, Life in Classrooms
George S. Counts
Should the Teacher Always Be Neutral?
Ray C. Rist
Student Social Class and Teacher Expectations
The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Ghetto Education

Ivan Illich
Why We Must Disestablish School
Paulo Freire
The Adult Literacy Process as Cultural Action for Freedom
Jerome S. Bruner
The Process of Education Revisited
Harry F. Wolcott
Handle with Care
Necessary Precautions in the Anthropology of Schooling

Samuel Bowles
Unequal Education and the Reproduction of the Social Division of Labor
Michael Katz
Volunteerism to Bureaucracy in American Education
Pierre Bourdieu
Cultural Reproduction and Social Reproduction
Lawrence Cremin
Public Education and the Education of the Public
Michel Foucault
The Means of Correct Training
Basil Bernstein
Class and Pedagogies: Visible and Invisible
Philip G. Altbach
Servitude of the Mind? Education, Dependency, and Neocolonialism
Jesse L. Jackson
In Pursuit of Equity, Ethics, and Excellence: The Challenge to Close the Gap
John I. Goodlad
Can Our Schools Get Better?
Volumes 3 and 4: Postmodern Educational Thought (1979-)
Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr
Introduction to Volume 3 and 4: Postmodern (1979 - )
Gregory Bateson
Jean Anyon
Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work
C. A. Bowers
Curriculum as Cultural Reproduction:
An Examination of Metaphor as a Carrier of Ideology

Neil Postman
The Day Our Children Disappear
Predictions of a Media Ecologist

David Nynerg
A Concept of Power for Education
Jane Roland Martin
Excluding Women from the Educational Realm
Madeleine R. Grumet
Linda Darling-Hammond
Valuing Teachers
The Making of a Profession

Kieran Egan
Imagination and Learning
Vivian Gussin Paley
On Listening to What the Children Say
Eleanor Duckworth
Teaching as Research
Maxine Greene
In Search of a Critical Pedagogy
Shirley Brice Heath
The Functions and Uses of Literacy
Lisa Delpit
The Silenced Dialogue
Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People's Children

Henry Giroux
Postmodernism and the Discourse of Educational Criticism
Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr., Gary N. McCloskey, Robert B. Kottkamp and Marilyn M. Cohn
Metaphor and Meaning in the Language of Teachers
Arthur G. Wirth
The Violation of People at Work in Schools
Christine E. Sleeter
Multicultural Education as a Form of Resistance to Oppression
Elizabeth Ellsworth
Why Doesn't This Feel Empowering? Working Through the Repressive Myths of Critical Pedagogy
Amy Gutmann
Democratic Education in Difficult Times
Patti Lather
Post-Critical Pedagogies
A Feminist Reading

Henry A. Giroux and Peter L. McLaren
Radical Pedagogy as Cultural Politics
Beyond the Discourse of Critique and Anti-Utopianism

Elliot W. Eisner
The Three Curricula that all Schools Teach
Carmen Luke
Feminist Politics in Radical Pedagogy
William Pinar
Dreamt Into Existence by Others
Curriculum Theory and School Reform

Elliot W. Eisner
Educational Reform and the Ecology of Schooling
Nel Noddings
Excellence as a Guide to Educational Conversation
Lilia I. Bartolome
Beyond the Methods Fetish
Toward a Humanizing Pedagogy

Noam Chomsky
Democracy and Education
Bell Hooks
Engaged Pedagogy
Allan Luke
When Basic Skills and Information Processing Just Aren't Enough
Rethinking Read in New Times

Cherry McGee Banks
The Challenges of National Standards in a Multicultural Society
Lilia I. Bartolome and Donaldo P. Macedo
Dancing with Bigotry
The Poisoning of Racial and Ethnic Identities

Henry A. Giroux
Rewriting the Discourse of Racial Identity
Towards a Pedagogy and Politics of Whiteness

David Elkind
The Death of Child Nature
Education in the Postmodern World

Lee S. Shulman
Theory Practice and the Education of Professionals
John Willinsky
Curriculum, After Culture, Race, Nation
David E. Purpel
Social Justice, Curriculum, and Spirituality
Linda Darling-Hammond
New Standards, Old Inequalities
The Current Challenge for African-American Education

Joel Spring
The Universal Right to Education

Nel Noddings
The Care Tradition: Beyond 'Add Women and Stir'
C.A. Bowers
Toward an Eco-Justice Pedagogy
Michael Singh, Jane Kenway and Michael W. Apple
Globalizing Education
Perspectives from Above and Below

Václav Havel
The Need for Transcendence in the Postmodern World

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