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Fundamentals of Human Resource Development

Fundamentals of Human Resource Development

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

November 2011 | 1 688 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Encompassing management, psychology, economics, adult education and more, Human Resource Development (HRD) has emerged as one of the most multifaceted areas of business and management in recent years.

The collections' well renowned editors reflect the multidisciplinary focus of HRD by structuring this four-volume set around the role of HRD on the individual, group, organization and society.

This collection is presented in eight parts:

Part One: The Nature of HRD

Part Two: Learning

Part Three: Training and Development

Part Four: Career Development

Part Five: Organization Development

Part Six: Identity and Diversity

Part Seven: HRD in the Global Context

Part Eight: Researching HRD

Defining HRD: An Examination of the Underlying Principles of HRD
P. McLagan
Models for HRD Practice
G.G. Wang and R.A. Swanson
Economics and Human Resource Development
L. A. Weinberger
Commonly Held Theories of HRD
M. Lee
A Refusal to Define HRD
T.N. Garavan, D. McGuire and D. O'Donnell
Exploring Human Resource Development
A Level of Analysis Approach

D. Short
Shining a Torch on Metaphor in HRD
Theories of Learning
J. Lave and E. Wenger
Situated Learning
Legitimate Peripheral Participation

E.C. Wenger and W.M. Synder
Communities of Practice
The Organizational Frontier

D.A. Kolb
Experiential Learning
A.D. Ellinger
Contextual Factors Influencing Informal Learning in a Workplace Setting
The Case of 'Reinventing Itself Company'

J. Silberstang and M. London
How Groups Learn
The Role of Communication Patterns, Cue Recognition, Context Facility and Cultural Intelligence

Adult Learning
M. Knowles, E.F. Holton and R.A. Swanson
The Adult Learners
The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource Development

E.F. Holton III, L.S. Wilson and R.A. Bates
Towards Development of a Generalized Instrument to Measure Andragogy
S.B. Merriam
Updating Our Knowledge of Adult Learning
B. Yang
Towards an Holistic Theory of Knowledge and Adult Learning
Organizational Learning and the Learning Organization
C. Argyris
On Organizational Learning
P. Senge
The Fifth Discipline
B. Yang, K.E. Watkins and V.J. Marsick
The Construct of the Learning Organization
Dimensions, Measurement and Validation

A.D. Ellinger
The Relationship between the Learning Organization Concept and Firms' Financial Performance
An Empirical Assessment

M. Easterby-Smith
Disciplines of Organizational Learning
Contributions and Critiques

N. Heraty
Towards an Architecture of Organization-Led Learning
Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital
M. Gagne
A Model of Knowledge-Sharing Motivation
S. Wang and R.A. Noe
Knowledge Sharing
A Review and Directions for Future Research

I. Nonaka and H. Takeuchi
The Knowledge-Creating Company
How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation

J.S. Brown and P. Duguid
Knowledge and Organization
A Social-Practice Perspective

M. Polanyi
The Tacit Dimension
Strategic HRD
M. McCracken and M. Wallace
Exploring Strategic Maturity in HRD
Rhetoric, Aspiration or Reality

T.N. Garavan
A Strategic Perspective on Human Resource Development
V. Anderson
Desperately Seeking Alignment
Reflections on Senior Line Managers and HRD Executives

L. Yorks
Toward a Political Economy Model for Comparative Analysis of the Role of Strategic Human Resource Development Leadership
S.L. Peterson
Creating and Sustaining a Strategic Partnership
A Model for Human Resource Development

Training and Development
P. Tharenou, A.M. Saks and C. Moore
A Review and Critique of Research on Training and Organizational-Level Outcomes
E.F. Holton III, R.A. Bates and W.E.A. Ruona
Development of a Generalized Learning Transfer System Inventory
J.E. Mathieu, S.L. Tannenbaum and E. Salas
Influences of Individual and Situational Characteristics on Measures of Training Effectiveness
R.A. Noe and S.L. Wik
Investigation of the Factors That Influence Employees' Participation in Development Activities
T. Baldwin and J.K. Ford
Transfer of Training
A Review and Directions for Future Research

K.E. Dooley et al
Behaviorally Anchored Competencies
Evaluation Tool for Training via Distance

D. Russ-Eft and H.S. Preskill
In Search of the Holy Grail
Return on Investment Evaluation in Human Resource Development

D.L. Kirkpatrick
Great Ideas Revisited
Techniques for Evaluating Training Programmes

J. Phillips and P. Phillips
How to Measure the Return on Your HR Investment
G.G. Wang and D. Wilcox
Training Evaluation
Knowing More Than Is Practised

Career Development
S.E. Sullivan and Y. Baruch
Advances in Career Theory and Research
A Critical Review and Agenda for Future Exploration

D.G. Collings and K. Mellahi
Strategic Talent Management
A Review and Research Agenda

D.C. Feldman and M.J. Lankau
Executive Coaching
A Review and Agenda for Future Research

C.M. Garofano and E. Salas
What Influences Continuous Employee Development Decisions?
T.M. Egan, M.G. Upton and S.A. Lynham
Career Development
Load-Bearing Wall or Window Dressing? Exploring Definitions, Theories and Prospects for HRD-Related Theory Building

E.C. Chenhall and T.J. Chermack
Models, Definitions and Outcome Variables of Action Learning
A Synthesis with Implications for HRD

Management and Leadership Development
A.D. Ellinger, R.G. Hamlin and R.S. Beattie
Behavioural Indicators of Ineffective Managerial Coaching
A Cross-National Study

J. Clarke et al
It's All Action, It's All Learning
Action Learning in SMEs

D. Goleman
Emotional Intelligence
Issues in Paradigm Building in the Emotionally Intelligent Workplace

S. Turnbull
Emotional Labour in Corporate Change Programmes
R.G. Hamlin
Towards Universalistic Models of Managerial Leadership Effectiveness
A Comparative Study of Recent British and American Derived Models

Organizational Commitment and Organizational Culture
N.J. Allen and J.P. Meyer
The Measurement and Antecedents of Affective, Continuance and Normative Commitment to the Organization
G.H. Hofstede
Culture's Consequences
Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations across Nations

E.H. Schein
Organization Culture
Organizational Performance
M.A. Huselid
The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Turnover, Productivity and Corporate Performance
R.A. Swanson
The Foundations of Performance Improvement and Implications for Practice
E.R. Eddy et al
Key Characteristics of Effective and Ineffective Developmental Interactions
Human and Social Capital
G.S. Becker
The Age of Human Capital
Education in the 21st Century

J. Storberg-Walker
The Evolution of Social Capital Theory
A Critique of a Theory of Social Capital and Implications for HRD

J.P. Hatala
Social Network Analysis in Human Resource Development
A New Methodology

S.A. Hezlett and S.K. Gibson
Linking Mentoring and Social Capital
Implications for Career and Organization Development

Diversity and HRD
L.L. Bierema
Resisting HRD's Resistance to Diversity
J. Gedro, R.M. Cervero and J. Johnson-Bailey
How Lesbians Learn to Negotiate the Heterosexism of Corporate America
L.L. Bierema and M. Cseh
Evaluating AHRD Research Using a Feminist Research Framework
A.K. Brooks and T. Clunis
Where to Now? Race and Ethnicity in Workplace Learning and Development Research: 1980-2005
J.M. Ross-Gordon and A.K. Brooks
Diversity in Human Resource Development and Continuing Professional Education
What Does It Mean for the Workforce, Clients and Professionals

National and International HRD
G.N. McLean and L.D. McLean
If We Can't Define HRD in One Country, How Can We Define It in an International Context?
A. Ardichvili and K.P. Kuchinke
The Concept of Culture in International Comparative HRD Research
Methodological Problems and Possible Solutions

B.D. Metcalfe and C.J. Rees
Theorizing Advances in International Human Resource Development
B. Yang, Y. Wang and A.W. Drewry
Does It Matter Where to Conduct Training? Accounting for Cultural Factors
Theory-Building and HRD
S.A. Lynham
The General Method of Theory-Building Research in Applied Disciplines
R.J. Torraco
Challenges and Choices for Theoretical Research in Human Resource Development
J.L. Callahan and T.D. DeDavila
An Impressionistic Framework for Theorizing about Human Resource Development
R.J. Toracco
Writing Integrative Literature Reviews
Guidelines and Examples

L.M. Dooley
Case Study Research and Theory-Building
Critical Theory and HRD
D. O'Donnell, D. McGuire and C. Cross
Critically Challenging Some Assumptions in HRD
T. Fenwick
Towards a Critical HRD in Theory and Practice
S. Sambrook
A Critical Time for HRD?
Reflections on the Field and the Future of HRD
K. Trehan
Who Is Not Sleeping with Whom? What's Not Being Talked about in HRD?
W.E.A. Ruona and S. Gibson
The Making of 21st Century HR
An Analysis of the Convergence of HRM, HRD and OD

K.P. Kuchinke
Human Development as a Central Goal of Human Resource Development

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