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Gender and Close Relationships

Gender and Close Relationships

June 1997 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`Gender and Close Relationships deals wirh gender and its possible effects on aims and behaviour in close relationships: dating, romantic and sexual partnerships, marriage and friendship. The authors warn their readers that they should bot be looking at why there are gender differences, but at whether, when and under what conditions. The book starts with the explanatory concepts that have been found useful in considering these questions. The authors suggest two dimensions of explanations for gender differences: one dimension involves structural (social roles and expectations) versus individual (traits, needs etc.) explanations. The other dimension distinguishes between socialisation and biological explanations.... This is not just a textbook describing research. It is a polemical text which openly suggests that "we may not fare well in ongoing relationships with these individuals (with traditional gender roles)".... This is a useful source book, enlivened by frequent vignettes' - The British Psychological Society, Psychology of Women Section Newsletter

Gender is an extremely important factor in virtually all of our close relationships: how we interact with one another during each stage of a relationship is influenced by the volatile - and sometimes divisive - role that gender plays.

This volume explores gendered interaction and the ways in which gender influences how others perceive and treat us. The authors demonstrate how societies construct and create gendered relationships, but also suggest how `non-traditional' close relationships may strengthen, or make irrelevant, gender-linked behaviour.

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