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Getting In

Getting In
How Not To Apply to Medical School

  • Paul Jung - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

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Clinical Medicine

December 1999 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Getting In: How Not To Apply to Medical School is a tough, practical guide for people storming the ramparts of medical school admission boards. Paul Jung takes the pre-med or second-career aspirant from pre-application experiences through the application process with a very practical approach. The book is filled with the pitfalls and misconceptions applicants frequently make, rendering the subtitle particularly apt and (for those terrified of the unknowns) eminently appealing. The volume also includes self-diagnostic sections and common pitfalls to avoid when applying to medical school. Contrary to popular belief, applying to medical school doesn't have to be stressful and time-consuming. Getting In shows students caught in the web of medical school admissions boards how to apply to medical school the right way—setting themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Jung takes pre-med and second-career aspirants through the entire ordeal and lets them know how important it is to apply as early as possible. From preparation and finding ways to obtain an application noticed by the admissions committee to information on the MCAT and getting through common interview traps, the book gives inside tips and helps applicants through what can be a stressful and uncertain time. The author allows readers a glimpse into common errors that others have made in their quests for acceptance, such as taking all required science courses in one semester or leaving large chunks of a medical application blank. Taking a down-to-earth, realistic approach, Jung acknowledges the pitfalls and misconceptions frequently made by applicants and even provides alternative solutions for discouraged students. The result is a well-written book that describes hardships and blunders but also gives good, practical information on how to succeed.
First Principles
Do You Hate Biology?
Candy Striper?
Researcher or Rat Killer?
More Is Better, Right?
Older and Wiser
MD or DO?
They're All the Same, Aren't They?
Truly Unique Programs
How Many Applications?
US and Canadian Medical Schools
Writing Your Personal Statement
Deadline Dummies
'Early D' Tragedy
Secondaries and Recommendation Letters
Your Interview
Which One?
By Association
Should I Try Again?
Hey, Man, I Just Want to Help People
Hey, Man, I Just Want to Be a Doctor

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