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Getting into Nursing

Getting into Nursing
A complete guide to applications, interviews and what it takes to be a nurse

Third Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)

March 2022 | 176 pages | Learning Matters

Considering a career in nursing and want to understand what is involved? Ready to take the plunge and looking for advice on choosing a course and succeeding in your application? This book has been written for you.

Why do you need this book?

·       Learn what it is like to be a nurse today and what you’ll need to get there, from personal qualities and values to practical work experience and entry requirements

·       Understand the different routes into nursing and how to choose the right field

·       Practical advice and activities help you to write a compelling application and practise for your interview

·       Top tips from students, lecturers and nurses provide an insight into what to expect from the process, and how to avoid common pitfalls

Chapter 1: What is nursing today?
Chapter 2: Do I have what it takes to be a nurse?
Chapter 3: Entry requirements
Chapter 4: Work experience and volunteering
Chapter 5: What is involved in undertaking a nursing course?
Chapter 6: Choosing the right field of nursing
Chapter 7: The application process and choosing the right university
Chapter 8: Preparing for the selection day
Chapter 9: Numeracy and literacy tests
Chapter 10: The selection day
Chapter 11: What happens next

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