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Getting the Best Out of  Supervision in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Getting the Best Out of Supervision in Counselling & Psychotherapy
A Guide for the Supervisee

December 2013 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Getting the Best Out of Supervision in Counselling & Psychotherapy does exactly what it says on the tin! Supervision is an essential part of counselling training and ensuring you know exactly how to get the very most out of supervision is important, whatever their level of study. Exploring how to begin, maintain and end a supervisory learning relationship in the context of existing theory and best practice guidelines, the author will introduce your trainees to:  

  • Models and forms of supervision
  • The skills informing good supervision
  • What to expect from supervision
  • Key professional issues in supervision

  • ?

Written in a lively and engaging style, this book will enable both supervisors and supervisees to get the best they can from the supervisory experience.

What is the Meaning and Purpose of Supervision?
The Supervisory Relationship: A Relationship with a Purpose
Supervision across the Career Lifespan
The Learning Landscape: Lifelong Learning in Supervision
Models and Frameworks of Supervision
Forms and Formats of Supervision
Beginning the Learning Relationship
How to Prepare for a Supervision Session
Ethical and Legal Considerations in Supervision
Good and Not So Good Supervision
Professional Considerations in Supervision
Feedback and Evaluation in Supervision
Endings in the Learning Relationship and the Opportunities Ahead
Developing the Art and Science of Supervision

This is a very useful book that is really needed. It brings together a wide ranging and comprehensive set of theoretical ideas, as well as practical considerations in relation to supervision.

Wendy Wood
Programme Leader of the PG Cert Compassion Focused Therapy, University of Derby

… knowledge shines from every page in this well researched, lively and engaging book.

Maureen Perkins
Therapy Today

Creaner is hugely well read in the field and does a great service for over-busy supervisors and supervisees alike by reporting succinctly on findings from decades of supervision research and by selecting significant quotations and criticisms from key authors. Use this book unashamedly if you want to dig into the hard intellectual terrain of supervision without having to plough through dozens of theoretical papers. In this respect the subtitle is very apt. As a guide, Creaner is adriot and discerning. The map she has drawn of the complex landscape of supervision offers an intelligibly detailed overview and she provides plenty of signposts for further exploration. She even points supervisees to training courses in supervision. That's lifelong learning for you. 

Jim Holloway, senior accredited supervisor and independent therapist
Private Practice Journal

I thought this was an excellent text for trainee counsellors. It is pitched at the right level to help them ease into the supervisory process and learn to maximise what it offers.

Holly Connolly
Counselling Department, Chichester University
June 21, 2016

A valuable contribution to a somewhat neglected subject.

Mr Gerald Willmore
Chair of Professional Standards, National Counselling Society
December 12, 2014

A clear introduction to the subject for my students - that is exactly what they need to know - how to get the most out of it

Mr Simon O'Donohoe
Faculty of Care, Child Care, Entry Level, Counselling, and Landbased Studies, Carmarthenshire College
August 12, 2014

A very useful guide for both supervisors and supervisees alike

Mrs Julie Wyman
Book Reviews, Devon Counselling College
August 12, 2014

Appropriate for training counselling practitioners. Provides easily accessible information that students can relate to and apply to practice.

Mrs Denise Hardy
Dept of Counselling, Cleveland & Redcar College
May 15, 2014

This essential text on counselling and supervision will provide students with a depth of understanding of the supervisory relationship.

Mr Adrian Easton
Department of Health & Social Studies, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
May 11, 2014

This book is recommended for level 4 upwards in counselling training. It is at this point in their journey that students encounter supervision and this guides helps them get the best out of the experience

Ms Stella Burgoyne
Business & Professional Studies, Blackpool and the Fylde College
March 31, 2014

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