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Global Advertising

Global Advertising
Rhyme or Reason?

February 1992 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This survey concentrates on international agency - client relationships. It is based on interviews with all levels of management from a wide range of international agencies based in London. Global advertising from a distance can seem attractive. It looks simple, quick and cost effective. There are, however, very complex issues involved. Both agencies and clients can encounter lack of local management support, arguments over agency commissions and local authority/local responsibility dilemmas. Chaos can easily result. This book addresses these issues and discusses the less well-known and less talked about side of the global advertising debate.

Global Advertising provides genuine real-life insights into the practical challenges of managing advertising programmes at the international level. By providing a detailed picture of past pitfalls and successes, it will help practitioners prepare for the huge challenges of the 1990s.

Getting Started
Advertising - A Tricky Term
To Globalise or not to Globalise
The Current State of the Debate

Marching on with a Different Drummer
What the Future Holds

The Urge to Power
HQ’s Role in Advertising; Big Brother: The Agency Head Office (AHO) or Client’s HQ?

International Advertising Agencies - Two-Headed Dragons
Making the Good Better
Account Executives and Global Campaigns

Your Campaign has the Right to be Global, Too!
Concluding Remarks

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