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Governing States and Localities

Governing States and Localities

Eighth Edition

August 2021 | 576 pages | CQ Press
The trusted and proven Governing States and Localities guides students through the contentious state of state and local politics and focuses on the role that economic and budget pressures play on issues facing them.  With their engaging journalistic writing and crisp storytelling, the authors provide a comparative approach to explain how and why states and localities are both similar and different.  The Eighth Edition is thoroughly updated to account for such major state and local developments and conflicts and the impact of the Donald Trump presidency on intergovernmental relations and issues of central interest to states and localities.
Chapter 1 • Introduction to State and Local Government: They Tax Dogs in West Virginia, Don’t They?
Chapter 2 • Federalism: The Power Plan
Chapter 3 • Constitutions: Operating Instructions
Chapter 4 • Finance: Filling the Till and Paying the Bills
Chapter 5 • Political Attitudes and Participation: Venting and Voting
Chapter 6 • Parties and Interest Groups: Elephants, Donkeys, and Cash Cows
Chapter 7 • Legislatures: The Art of Herding Cats
Chapter 8 • Governors and Executives: There Is No Such Thing as Absolute Power
Chapter 9 • Courts: Turning Law into Politics
Chapter 10 • Bureaucracy: What Nobody Wants but Everybody Needs
Chapter 11 • Local Government: Function Follows Form
Chapter 12 • Metropolitics: The Hole Problem of Government
Chapter 13 • Education: Reading, Writing, and Regulation
Chapter 14 • Crime and Punishment
Chapter 15 • Health and Welfare
Chapter 16 • Environment and Climate Change: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

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