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Growth, Equity, Environment and Population

Growth, Equity, Environment and Population
Economic and Sociological Perspectives

First Edition
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June 2018 | 470 pages | SAGE India
The book brings together papers on a range of issues that are of relevance to the Indian economy and polity in the new millennium. The contributors examine issues relating to growth and macro-economic fundamentals, the state of and future prospects for industry and agriculture in an era of high growth and globalization. Growing regional disparities, gender issues and other forms of inequity dominate the analysis of health care, migration, fertility and mortality related issues.

Contributors also analyse contentious issues at the interface of environment and development, such as environmental efficiency of industry, links between alternative notions of value and household use of biomass.

In a complementary manner, sociological perspectives on religion, family, gender and state introduce into the volume a qualitative analysis of the social institutions within the framework of which economic growth and structural change take place.

This book discusses and analyses from an economic and social perspective some…vital concerns — growth, equity, environment and human resources.

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