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Guide to U.S. Elections

Guide to U.S. Elections

Seventh Edition
Two Volume Set
Edited by:

March 2016 | 2 192 pages | CQ Press

*As mentioned in The Washington Post!

The CQ Press
 Guide to U.S. Elections, Seventh Edition is a comprehensive, two-volume reference providing information on the U.S. electoral process, in-depth analysis on specific political eras and issues, and everything in between. Thoroughly revised and infused with new data, analysis, and discussion of issues relating to elections through 2015, the Guide will include chapters on:

  • Analysis of the campaigns for presidency, from the primaries through the general election
  • Data on the candidates, winners/losers, and election returns
  • Details on congressional and gubernatorial contests from the primaries through the general elections supplemented with vast historical data
  • Coverage of campaign finance, as well as reapportionment and redistricting

Key Features include:

  • Tables, boxes and figures interspersed throughout each chapter
  • Data on campaigns, election methods, and results
  • Complete lists of House and Senate leaders
  • Links to election-related websites
  • A guide to party abbreviations

This reference will be available in time for readers to gain an understanding of various aspects of elections as we enter the 2016 presidential campaign season.

Elections in America
Julia Azari
Chapter 1: The Evolution of American Elections
Richard J. Hardy
Chapter 2: Elections: An Expanding Francise
Political Parties
Marian Currinder
Chapter 3: Campaign Finance
Julia Azari
Chapter 4: Politics and Issues, 1945-2014
Chapman Rackaway
Chapter 5: Political Party Development
Chapman Rackaway
Chapter 6: Historical Profiles of American Political Parties
Seth C. McKee
Chapter 7: The Southern Electoral Experience
Presidential Elections
Gerhard Peters
Chapter 8: Introduction to Presidential Elections
William J. Miller
Chapter 9: Chronology of Presidential Elections
William J. Miller
Chapter 10: Presidential Primaries
Chapter 11: Presidential Primary Returns, 1912-2012
Chapman Rackaway
Chapter 12: Nominating Conventions
Chapter 13: Political Party Nominees, 1831-2012
Tom Miles
Chapter 14: Convention Chronology, 1831-2012
Tom Miles
Chapter 15: Key Convention Ballots
Chapter 16: Popular Vote Returns for President
Robert L. Dudley
Chapter 17: The Electoral College
Chapter 18: Electoral Votes for President 1789-2012
Chapter 19: Biographical Directory of Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates
Presidential Candidates Index
Congressional Elections
Jamie L. Carson and Ryan D. Williamson
Chapter 20: Introduction to Congressional Elections
Tom Miles
Chapter 21: House Elections
William J. Miller
Chapter 22: Reapportionment and Redistricting
Chapter 23: House General Election Returns, 1824-2015
Tom Miles
Chapter 24: Senate Elections
Chapter 25: U.S. Senators, 1789-2015
Chapter 26: Senate General Election Returns, 1913-2014
Chapter 27: Senate Primary Election Returns, 1920-2014
Gubernatorial Elections
Molly Jackman
Chapter 28: Introduction to Gubernatorial Elections
Chapter 29: Governors of the States, 1776-2015
Chapter 30: Gubernatorial General Election Returns, 1776-2014
CHapter 31: Gubernatorial Primary Election Returns, 1919-2014
Reference Materials
House Candidates Index
Senate Candidates Indexes
Gubernatorial Candidates Indexes
General Index

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